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  • Since the June 27th update i have had a issue with losing my visuals such as enchants/loot and quest line/ and red areas that mobs/bosses drop to warn you of impending attack. Now restarting the game usually works but it goes right back to no visuals part way through a dungeon/moving across 2 areas. I have reinstalled, I…
  • > @rjc9000 said: > I know this is offtopic slightly, but if you're a pure tank GF (Protector and arguably Tactician), there's little reason for you to restore the Sea of Moving Ice weapons. The weapon doesn't benefit you much besides the aggro department... > I was think the -10% Incoming dmg would be very nice at top end…
  • The usuals I run with notice a difference. He's a 3.3 gwf with r12 bonds, and I run 5 points in crushing pin and he sees huge numbers after I call out using crescendo and CS. He will use IBS and sees a big increase in his hits. We run a low iL dc or healadin so power share isn't maximum.
  • If you are still using sudden defense for bonding, you don't have the 11k defense from it anymore or if you had a brutality bonded. That could be an issue.
  • I've ran it in quite a few more times now and only been able to get the immune to pop once. Next I will see about the group's circles under me. But seems though I'm shielded and still downs me with no dmg pop other than a 80k everfrost.
  • The explode everything is I think it, I feel the screen goes white. Thank you for taking the time to explain that it is a big help.
  • I'm not to sure as to the name or what he says, I just know it's after he spins in the last bit of it, and it's not arrows on my head. It's just spin, boom, dead. And i tried different timings. And even when AA was up cause it will still say immune over the zeros. But thank you for letting me know it might just have to be…