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  • Hey, thanks for sharing the bug report. I tested it in LOMM today and get the injury, too. It's passed along to the developers to have a look. If I played on PS4 I'd be totally glad to give you a stack of injury kits if this is causing you problem…
  • That's a nice idea. Something along those lines was discussed when loadouts were first introduced. Something like, "Account Enchantment Chest" that holds all your enchants & runestones (of all types) that loadouts would look to instead…
  • (Quote) I'm not the company. My comment is not a defense. My first paragraph sums up what happened. The next two paragraphs spell out that the company had opportunities to make it work. My closing sentence points to the fact that none other than R.A…
  • Here's what happened: Game launches with the foundry. Some players abuse the foundry. Incentives to play the foundry are reduces to combat exploits. Fewer people play the foundry. Rinse and repeat several times. Foundry not part of the core game exp…
  • That's a really nice suggestion. The team sunset the Foundry with a heavy heart. I'm not sure whether it's feasible, but I'm sure they'll give you idea serious consideration.
  • The current version of the game suffers from many years of additions layered on each other. When developers try to accomplish a goal, it's like painting a wall while standing on a ladder, balanced on another ladder, balanced on a bucket, balanced on…
  • The best advice I can give you is to join a good guild. There's a huge difference between queueing and ending up with random people and having a more-or-less steady group of people to play with. In my alliance at least (and I know that many other al…
  • (Quote) They're allowing more time on preview than for most releases, specifically because it's a huge change. Even with that, there are bound to be some road bumps. That's in the nature of huge changes to software. The current system is buggy and …
  • Preview is intended for players who want to, well, preview upcoming changes. The vast majority of players don't test things out there, and if you don't want to, that's fine. It's there as an option to give curious players a look at what's coming. Wh…
  • I've "timed out" quite a bit more than usual in the past few weeks. In my case, it's happened in the middle of runs and in all cases, I was able to immediately log back in. I notice I'm about to time out when various world interactions s…