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  • 100% agree, terrible drop rates and demotivating. If you have to run the content THAT much, it becomes stale and boring and removes all motivation to even keep trying. Grind is, and will always be, part of the game, and we are all happy to grind away when necessary, but, there is a point where it becomes ridiculous, and…
  • This, as they say, is NOT cricket! FOV changes? Really? C'mon guys, you are removing our choice here for ridiculous reasons. Fix things that are broken and don't mess with things that work. I have not come across a single player asking for FOV to be reduced, in fact, it helps quite a few people a lot. It's been said by…
  • This is just sad now ... we all look forward to these events, and every time, there is something wrong. EVERY TIME! It's really hard to stay positive about the game we all love when this keeps happening :o( Worse thing is, it's the same mistakes and the same cycle repeating itself again and again and again. You should…
  • Hey guys! Loving the new Mod ... some feedback though. Scaling is still a huge issue, especially in RIQ. Mobs in the heist are hitting like trucks! When I look at how I am scaled down from 80 to 70, I loose HALF of all my stats which I reckon is probably not how it should be. In Kessel's, the run itself is okay, a little…
  • Oh, I couldn't agree with you more, but, unfortunately, not everyone is diligent enough to actually read the threads, so the comment was purely to ask the devs to make this a little more apparent to the larger player base (maybe in the dev blogs). I have tried to convince a lot of folks that it will all get better, but for…
  • Hi guys, First off, WOW, as a long time FR fan (fiction, lore and tabletop), I could not be happier with what you have done visually and content wise with Mod 16. If this is the new constant, I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with for the next mods =) Bug: When equipping companion gear and trying to slot…