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  • The patch is a big improvement--thank you. There's still a long ways to go though. One dot mobs are still a little tougher than 3 dot mobs. THE most common tactic for adding difficulty also doesn't seem to be taken into account. Three minions not hard enough? That's ok, we'll do four on the next tier and five on the tier…
  • By this point, I think it's safe to say that a company that wants to succeed and keep their player base would have rolled back this patch by now. It's a failure. Like Sony's Star Wars expansion, it'll be known as a textbook example of how to tick off the vast majority of your players in order to appease a few. So here's my…
  • I appreciate the effort that it took to get a patch out so quickly. Good job. There do seem to be significant changes. There will no doubt need to be more finetuning to balance out the need to keep fights somewhat challenging and not needing an unlimited supply of health stones to survive. It's not there yet. Not all level…
  • Can we at least get some acknowledgement that the scaling is broken to the point of making the game unplayable? I don't mind a patch going bad. I was there for the release of Shadows of Luclin on Everquest. As a Guide. Taking petition after petition and having to say, "We're aware of the issue where...." over and over and…
  • lol. If I wanted patches like this, I'd have suggested hiring Ryan Dancy.
  • I liked the old, solo the start of the area and get a group at the end, dynamic of the game. It's gone. Nothing is solo-able. I shouldn't need 3 health stones to fight a couple mobs of yard trash. As it stands the game is completely unplayable solo and not very playable with 2 players. I'm sure the intent was good and I…