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  • I purchase the guardian of neverwinter package earlier today and downloaded the game. I received a few emails saying that my payment was approved but the last email i got was saying Your transaction () was approved, but you still need to go to https://billing.perfectworld.com/neverwinterguardian/complete to redeem your…
  • Either a dwarf tank warrior or dwarf cleric, but a dwarf for sure !!!
  • Hello everyone, ive dropped an app. waiting for a respond! Hopefully I will see you guys soon! Beta weekend in 2 days!!! Cant wait. Terrorz To starkillan, PM sent to your mailbox on Black Hearts forum.
  • Hi Aandrethegiant, Im 32 married man from Canada. Im french but fluently speak english. Been playing games since i can remember. Im a big fan of nwn and D&D pen and paper, looking forward to beta weekend. I have been in a lots of guild in different games, im looking for a drama free guild and mainly just having a good time…