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  • @darthtzarr Thanks for your extremely relevant answer. I'm 3,227il at the moment, 3,295 after completing RD weapons' set, I'm digging (/ I've dug) through all the campaigns and I'm pleased to have been informed that these will make pretty visible difference. :)
  • According to posts way before, *roughly* - 3100 would be now +/- 10,600 like so 3200 would be +/- 10600. Are these numbers already count with campaigns' boons? Will they affect iL 2.0 ? (I hope that having 4 campaigns finished, and all dug into some point WILL make a difference.)
  • Oh, there You go, there this topic is. Good I don't have to found a new one. So, the biggest difference due to IV GWF, i THINK, is that basically instead of a Weaponmaster you shall use a Trample of the fallen. When the enemy is affected by a controlled power... basically when an enemy is controlled, you deal about... 20%…
  • [*] [*] [*] When Tankladin farms Fey weapons for more AP and so faster bubble [*] [*] [*] R.I.P. old tanking [*]
  • Lunging strike has already got a fast cooldown. Combined with a 50% more DR for about 2s it's a balanced power.
  • For a Tactician that I am still leveling, I have its own Seldarine set prepared. A tactician has to mostly be a support, take damage, survive, build a lots of AP. That's why I prefer to heal myself half the amount I've lost and build real-talk AP. For Protector... ughh... I use full Lathander set of My personal choice.…
  • I do agree with previous quotes and hope that soon there will be a rework of a Sentinel so he would FINALLY be a DPS-Tank, basically pretty much everything fellows want.
  • Lastly a new il150 gear was added. I highly recommend The Blackthorn :) . Additionally, a new upcoming last boon of 'The Cloaked Ascendancy' campaign looks amazing and will be definitely my pick. Sounds like: "When you deflect you have a chance to heal up to 8,000 hit points." :wink:
  • The 'Tanks' ' Weaopns are thankfully to all gods split the 3rd time. I wouldn't survive an Incident when elemantal weapons were added basically rigtht next to the Twisted ones and Twisted had split look while elemantal (drowned, earthen etc.) had not.
  • Pewter Golem dropped from MC. I had a dream Black Ice Warhorse dropped from a chest at CN. Sadly it was only a dream.
  • Ctrl+J => 'Zone Rewards' Toggle a few times so You find them and examine where they drop. Sadly, have no idea 'boutta any drop rate.
  • You know what? ;) I'm running Desp Surv x Soulforged x Lathander so then can I confirm if that is useful while focusing on achieving mitigations from shadowclads / negations? I do have to say it helps but recently I've swapped it with "Shield Talent" for perma perma shield. Overall I think desp surv isn' t as vital in this…
  • Funny thing that unaware of this guide, I am using this build. Let's say that some feats, powers etc. I use are "situational" or "recommended". Still, I have to congratulate you with full frankness for explaining and overtalking this build! I did resign from 'armor of bahamut' in order to push tactician's feats to gain all…
  • I do prefer to call my pets (especially augs) by a names of my fav bands. For instance, my Mini-Apparatus of Gond is named A7X (Avenged Sevenfold). It is because if somebody inspects your "wow-what-is-that" companion, they instantly get to know your kind of music. Anyone else up with this trend?
  • I do agree with most of comments, especially the difference between stopping at 400 BSR and venturing forth 500 BSR. Nevertheless, caring 'bout my toons, Does it then mean that it is more in pay, for total example, to hit 400 BSR and THEN, let's say, finish other campaigns? (Thanks in advance for th' answer.)
  • Actually, after a SM to IV respec in mod 10, I mostly didn't experience this paragon 'the only rescue for GFs' as it was considered before mod 10. I did rebuilt in a way that i basically don't use up any of the paragon powers, I have everything i need in the basic tray. Still, threatening rush is very useful. ^^ Uhmm, to…
  • Wow. Didnae know that the system works in these cases like THAT. Good i have some terror on my battleaxe so I make myself a bit more supportive. Shocked by this fact. Thanks, bit more knowledgeable from now.
  • Shocked how the letters under feats can lie. Good to know.
  • Does terror & frost debuff help my party members in a Dungeon?
  • As far as I'm concerned, Daunting Challenge does only reduce damage dealt by marked targets for yer party members. "[...] but You still deal full damage to you." That's all I wanted to say...
  • @dread4moor , thanks for the answer. In PvE, having my 76.6% DR using that ring won't be useful. In that case. Thanks much once again! P.S. While speedrunning elol as a KV tank, I keep moving, even circle mobs when my mates do the dps job ^^.
  • Especially heavy metal, or alternative rock :) Listening to your fav band always gives a kick >_< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DelhLppPSxY
  • Wish You'd portrait my Guardian some day... You do have a talent to paint faces, seeing its lines even better that it is shown in the game. You do give soul to your characters! <3 <3 <3
  • If I could ask for something, Since mod 9 or 10 there must have been some changes due to GPU usage. What am I going to say is that since that time i really often experience whole maps ain't spawning, fx ain't loading up to end (tapping B twice usually solves the problem). From time to time, the game crashes, showing…
  • @dread4moor thanks! It actually puts a tact into a new lvl of support. KV generates AP (capstone) like so cause to enable pin <3 I can then use Fray and (Supreme) Commander's strike on my encounters, and VM + FR on my dailies so I take full advantage of this spec! :blush:
  • If I can ask for something, does that mean that I can use Guarded Assault as my active, combined w/ off-hand artifact power and KV and CPin WILL trigger from time to time on targets that are actually attack me? If yes, that'd be a huge advantage for me because I'm going to use no control encounter and dailypowers on my…
  • @schietindebux without 'Crushing Pin' ? <( ;-; <)
  • I prefer full light build on my healadin. certain perks that occur together or one-by-one are increasing your healing output SO significantly, that combined with perma-heal powertray (no need to explain I hope) are really stunning ( up to 500k heals without crits per person)
  • Umh man yer player types' handbook feels sooooo GUD, I'm "the quitter i guit" definitely. Newer upgrades are destroying the game, they... THEY'VE ADDED OATHBOUND PALADIN IN MOD 6. Basically.. MOD 6- I quit! But really, I'm rather "I'm playing the most underestimated class, notice my job" player. I picked GF, that explains…
  • The most significant patch notes ever. You can barely feel that in-game mekanix enhancement. More updates like this!