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  • I just gave it a go and as an endgame healer with full crit sev, outgoing healing and loads of power i barely could put a dent in those health bars. Some serious issues with scaling and healing. Needs to be fixed.
  • The bosses I refer to are for LOMM, sorry for the vagueness
  • Are their major class balances considerations coming in the next mod? (Specifically warlock healer and fighter dps) please balance them so all are viable for ALL content.
  • Owlbear cub doesn’t work, death salad isn’t proccing correctly, manticore doesn’t work, remorhaz doesn’t work...lightning enchantment doesn’t proc as it says... also can you be clear what the chance on hit percentage is supposed to be on most of the companions that are vague and don’t give numbers because I can guess they…
  • If the devs go about nerfing this item please only do it for pvp. It’s a solid pve item that is in a good place right now. Just adding my pve opinion.
  • Is there a way to watch the replay of this stream?
  • I do not know if this question has been addressed or if this is the proper forum for this question, but what is %Hit Points Strength that is found on some of the enchantments (see Wicked Enchantment, among others)?
  • After doing some testing for this weeks patch here is my feedback. Please allow for more powers to spawn the soul puppet. If it makes powers to strong to allow them to spawn a soul puppet, allow them to have a 30% or 50% chance to spawn the soul puppet. Getting stacks of Risky Investment is so hard to do. Then when it is…
  • I would like to add the change to WIS providing outgoing healing, not only hurts DPS cleric from getting access to INT for DPS increase as mentioned above. This also greatly hurts healing Warlocks who are set with minimal WIS and are going to be at a disadvantage to outgoing healing compared to Cleric and Paladins who…
  • After reviewing the class mechanics on the soulweaver track, I think some can be changed so that they have some usability. First, Prince of Hell as mentioned in this thread is lackluster at best. Here are my suggestions for alternatives to fix them. 1. On daily use, enemies within x feet are receive mark of the inferno (or…
  • Looking at the artifact sets I really like how there is runes of aggression, cooperation, and fortification for the three types of roles in the game. However looking at some of stats confused me why certain stats were selected. The dps style sets made sense having STR, DEX, and CON to give the physical damage classes some…