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  • Of course, they'd have to have a KAMEHAME-HA!! as well, or at least a hadoken. I think a monk would be really fun :) But what would their class feature be?
  • Going off of what Varetmarkush said, I think a Binder paragon would be cool. Or maybe something related to fate, like a Doomsayer.
  • They're too busy picking flowers in the summer event... and being slaughtered by players.
  • I think you're both missing the point. Most people are complaining about PVP balance, not PVE. In PVP, a CW can kill you in one CC rotation with EoTS procs and the like. HR is nigh unkillable 1v1 with deflection / lifesteal shenanigans. Like, you-can-barely-notice-them taking-damage-at-all unkillable. This thread does a…
  • I'm also a Temptation Warlock :) My general power load out is: At-Will: Eldritch Blast and Hellish Rebuke Encounter: Killing Flames, Harrowstorm, Dreadtheft, Warlock's Shadow to taste. Daily: Brood of Hadar and... undecided I'm aware of the synergy between Warlock's Curse and Dreadtheft. I dislike using Warlock's Bargain…
  • I'm inclined to agree with Mr Hinky... if they're below 20% health, they're most likely dead anyway. Especially if you use Killing Flames, and you don't try to be a yolo solo hero 5v1 :p The warlock bonus is just +7-9% more damage vs targets below 20% health. Not too much to write home about.
  • If I purchase a Knight of the Feywild pack, will I also get the 1st time buyer pack?
  • I'm not expecting instant gratification... I'm just asking if it's possible or not >_> What's with all the hostility? I think comparing this companion to $50,000 is a gross overstatement as well lol. About my join date, don't worry about it. I forget when I signed up with PWE or why.
  • No excuse? I just started playing Neverwinter a few weeks ago. No need to be rude. But thanks anyway for the roundabout information :p
  • So, we have a week for this event... and my alchemy is only level 2. I think you need level 4 to craft Aqua Vitae, and level 14 to craft Aqua Regia... which seems like the easiest recipe to get Purified Lead. Am I pretty much screwed out of the event, unless I want to drop a ton of AD on the auction house?
  • There are two types of at-wills... those you spam for filler, and those you use when the opportunity presents itself. Spam: Eldritch Blast, Hand of Blight Opportunity: Dark Spiral Aura, Hellish Rebuke Eldritch Blast is useful vs lots of mobs, especially as Temptation. The aoe on the 3rd hit can give a nice heal when all…
  • Yeah... I don't want to open lockboxes and be stuck with multiple / duplicate items I cant use... can mounts be disassembled into astral diamonds by those disenchanter guys?
  • More people will buy something when it's on sale. Lets say The Snarfleblah costs $50.00. If 1 out of 10 people buy it for full price, you made $50.00. If it goes on sale for %20 off ($40.00) and 2 out of 10 people buy it, you made $80.00. If 0 out of 10 people buy it at full price, you made $0.00. Tadaaa.
  • I'm also a Temptation warlock. Solo PvE: It doesn't matter which at-wills you use, because it's easy to plow enemies down with abilities, as you say. Sometimes I like to use Dark Spiral Orbs, because they hit like a truck with 2-3 stacks, which are easy enough to upkeep. Group PvE: Same premise here. You'll spend most of…
  • :rolleyes: Neverwinter srs bidness. To the OP, just read the feat descriptors... it should be pretty obvious which feats are better than others.
  • I agree, the dailies aren't very PvP friendly. For instance... Flames of Phlegablah has a long start up that's relatively easy to interrupt. Does anyone use Blades of Vanquished Armies to good effect? It'll be interesting to see what powers the obligatory 2nd paragon path will have.
  • You're right! How DARE people get excited about something that makes up 1/2 of the game! The nerve of people, to be curious! What is the world coming to!!! :mad:
  • NO! NO FOUNDRY STUFF IN THE ZEN STORE. This would only divide the author base, and skew the rating system even MORE. First, let's consider the outrageous Zen prices. $30 for a mount? $20 for a companion? Just imagine how much a foundry bundle would cost. Are you really willing to drop $40-50 on a set of tools? I know I…
  • I would like to see a Druid, Bard or Shaman. I don't care about Warlocks unless they do something fun with them... otherwise, they'll just be a boring rehash of the wizard with fire instead of ice.
  • There's no variety!! There aren't enough classes for each role, and every class is forced to take the same paragon path. There should be more races as well. We don't need 224324 variations of elves (wood elves, drow, half-elves) when they could add whole new races (goliath, deva, shifter, warforged, etc).
  • Some things I'd like to see: 1) The ability to change facial hair on models. -- If you can add Tiefling horns to everyone, you should be able to add facial hair. 2) More music options!! -- Currently, everything is so epic/foreboding. Where's the soft strings for tender scenes, the upbeat fun tracks for comic relief? etc,…
  • Next time your ego wants to jump, let it go ;) Gambit is an extremely well known name/word. It's a chess move, it's the name of an x-man, etc. I sincerely doubt you were the first person to use it in Neverwinter, or that you were "copied" by this pvp guy. I know you want to let this thread drop (now that 4 pages worth of…
  • Yes, two per each role would have been nice... I really want a Bard or a Druid. I've never ever liked wizards, and I don't really care for them in this game, either. If anything, give me a sorcerer instead. I don't want a warlock, either :eek:
  • Really? You throw his soul into a firey pit just because he doesn't like the game? :rolleyes: Chill out lol. Let him express himself. People DON'T need to be positive all the time. Negativity can be constructive. You can't just turn a blind eye to the things you don't like. If you did, nothing would ever get done, and that…
  • I'm level 35. I never use potions unless I'm in a 5 man dungeon and off-tanking adds / the boss. If you're on Dragon and you want to see how I play, drop me a line. That said, I definitely noticed a difference in soloing when turned 16 and got my cleric companion. Her heal does wonders on top of your own abilities that…
  • Hey guys; how do you think I should distribute my stats? Base stats: STR - 13 CON -13 DEX - 10 INT - 11 WIS - 17 CHA - 15 One into STR, CON and INT for even bonus? Rest into Wis and Cha?