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  • You get more from the chests, I believe it's 70(edit: I mean including the boss seals) or so overall. I couldn't say which chest or if it's both, but I do know you get more than the basic 10 from each boss. Also it appears if you fall of the platform on the last boss you don't seem to get the 10 seals. I don't know if…
  • Do you guys have problems with the lizards hit box? I mean as in do you shimmy through it on stabs and at wills? that has to be the most annoying thing ever for me, I continuously have to backpedal to not end up phasing through the boss(which can result in flaming sword of death targeting where I don't want it to). Some…
  • Buffed Shred and a massive flaming dot, the best of things. Actually that DOT seems to be all kinds of horrible, does some nasty damage even with shield up. I imagine deflect builds might find those two things easier to deal with(can you deflect dots?), but of course my deflect happens to be pretty low.
  • This ring has some use for a PVE guardian, it procs crushing pin forever pretty much. Super useful on bosses and the stats aren't bad. And it works well on mobs, so not sure about it being 'useless'.
  • Ha, so it was a DR shred. I couldn't really check, thanks for the heads up, I might just use the hp boon on the third boss then. The guy hits like a damn truck. Rest of the dungeon is no real problem as far as incoming damage goes.
  • The at-will 'careful attack' does a lot of damage(it's pretty fire and forget to), it's single target but really adds up on bosses/elites if you remember to use it. The daily 'Slasher's Mark' is also kinda useful at times, it's essentially like having infinite shift when that thing is up. I know the dread won't boost…
  • You still can, but as far as I'm aware it's the only way to change your gender. Essentially you get a free base ability reroll, a race reroll(if you want it), and a name change from the 'race reroll token'.
  • Personally I don't think it should stack, but things have a tendency to do what they shouldn't for quite some time when first released(bugs/glitches get through, I'm not going to cry about that). It wouldn't be the first artifact to be bugged for a long time... Forgehammer cooldown is like 25 seconds at mythic... the…
  • This would probably be a replacement for the sigil of the devoted on my GF to be honest. So long as the animation isn't insane like tiamat's orb or something, the stats and ability would be worth the trade for me. I do wonder if it stacks though.... can never tell with this game.
  • Only survival difference I can think of is if you switched from Valhalla set or a life steal set like Seldarine to something like Lostmauth or Orcus, the former are noticeable on your ability to survive(like they are suppose to be, but not by too much) so it might take time getting use to the later(life steal and damage…
  • They are both good tanking powers, though they are imo situational. Enforced threat is great for mob clearing between bosses, but tends to be less helpful at boss fights since it's an aoe. Knights valour is one of those powers I tend to run with squishy teams, or with teams without a DC on(usually I just run with whoever…
  • Personally I run a similar 'jack' kind of conqueror(just no pvp anymore), and love the T.Fey over anything like a vorpal since it still ups your damage and provides support. If you run in groups where you are constantly under perma-AA and HAMSTER like that(it's not like you need to tank in those situations at all), than I…
  • This works well, it's probably the easiest way of keeping crushing pin up full time... at least it has been in my experience. Crushing pin gets reset every single time you are hit with your shield up, great for multi mob debuffing.
  • Orcus does a massive amount of damage, cutting damage by 50% on non tanks will still get them killed by orcus normally. Steel defence doesn't affect the reduction as far as I'm aware. I actually found that KV is a little pointless in the orcus fight, I opted out for Knee Breaker just since it seems great for aggro…
  • > @grimah said: > Removed some mis-information about guarded assault artifact feature, working with crushing pin (it does not) > Hmm, what do you mean by this? the debuff icon appears on enemies when they hit you(so long as it's not through KV reflect). It seems to refresh every single time they hit also.