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  • Notice how theres not a second showing the awkward bow-legged in-combat walk in the video. Well, maybe there is half a second of it but apart from that they avoided showing the animation almost completely. Thats why it looks cool and not riddiculous :P
  • Heres my half-orc TR. Tho on release she'll probably be a GWF.
  • I dont think thats the case unless they plan to add more quests or expect players to grind mobs for xp. Up until L20 I was doing quests of my level, after that I actually fell behind a bit and was -1 or -2 to the quest levels.
  • Human GWF.
  • Then youd be hitting mobs for 3.247 or 0.325 damage :P
  • You will get those items when the game launches. But I agree, I dont think the packs will be too popular. The $20 one has nothing that would really motivate you to buy it (by that I mean beta access), and the $60 one which does have beta access is just too expensive - who's gonna pay that much for a few days of access to a…
  • The purpose is for you to get access to beta events and have some fun with the game a few months before it launches, to have longer early access just before it launches, to have a bunch of extra items (which may or may not be available much cheaper in the cash shop later on) and to have the option to run around pretending…
  • Well, forget economics, lets talk common sense. Atm they have a $20 starter kit most people will look at and go: nah, why would I pay for THAT??... no beta acces and some random junk... if I end up liking the game when its out and if I need some of that stuff Ill just visit the cash shop. Then they have a $60 pack which…