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  • I dont understand this logic. WoW got away from the hybrid tax on dps years ago. In tank mode no he shouldnt be top dps, but in dps mode he should be on par with the other dps. Its an antiquated idea to make a hybrid class suffer in their dps spec just because they happen to have a tank or heal spec also. Remember you can…
  • Use a healer companion on a boss fights , make sure you have the AP to use a daily. I am leveling a barb also, but i find that makes it pretty easy. Its my logic that if you cant out dps the boss before he kills you, then you need defense and heals that gives you a little wiggle room. My pally died like 6 times on that low…
  • > @aandrethegiant said: > (Quote) > Roxie WELCOME to Neverwinter! I think Tyrs Paladium might just be your fix. Tyrs Paladium is a drama free, zerg free 30+ yr old (most are mid 30s-60s+) Neverwinter Founder's guild created 1 1/2 years before alpha and still going strong. > > You can do your homework about our guild on our…
  • I think the new player has a very lonely experience. We cant access guilds because we cant message or chat. When i play an mmorpg type game i do so with the idea that i am joining a world full of other players to interact with. Having to play solo for 30 levels before i can even ask to join a guild is a major turnoff. I…
  • I too would like a guild, i just started playing last night, its been a lonely experience so far. Im new to neverwinter but not new to mmos. I cant talk in chats and cant request to join a guild, this is making my game experience not very fun. I was told i wouldnt be able to message anyone about joining a guild till level…
  • Merry Christmas.