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  • Because I'm heartless and cruel. It's mainly because a lot of us won't be here for the holiday to tend to things. We'll probably open it up again when we come back, if the feedback demands changes that we would want further testing on.
  • Made some changes to the Celestial Artifact Weapon set bonus after your feedback. You now must only generate 5 stacks of Divine Charge before it transforms into Divine Fury. You may only have 1 stack of divine fury, and there is a 30 second lockout that inhibits generation of Divine Charge once Divine Fury ends. The…
  • I've done a lot of testing with the movement speed thing on consoles, and in some areas the impact isn't that bad when you get that high. Those areas tend to have good occlusion (sight-line blocking) that allows for the engine to prioritize the rendering of certain assets as more important than others, so the impact isn't…
  • Modern consoles can't render fast enough. Basically you have a problem of sight-lines and visibility, and being able to load, store, and display that information takes a lot of memory and processing power. You can sacrifice frame-rate to help, but that's not a good sacrifice to ask of the player, so the alternative is to…
  • The stack duration should refresh after each Encounter use. So if you have 2 stacks with 7 seconds of duration left, then use an Encounter power, you should have 3 stacks with 15 seconds of duration left. Did you test the item and this functionality was broken?
  • Hey everyone - I really appreciate all of this feedback and suggestions. I have a question for you folks though, based on your current opinion of PvP. If you do not play PvP, what do you feel it would take to get you to try it out for a bit? If you do occasionally play PvP, What do you feel it would take to make it more of…
  • Hey everyone - I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the feedback you have been giving. We've made a bunch of action items out of your feedback, that are actively helping to make Ranger better. As one of the Systems Designers on the team, and the person who (quite possibly) plays Ranger the most around here, I…