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  • @"noworries#8859" Agreeing to what is mentioned above, the same forte stat only makes sense on classes with two of the same paragon, aka two dps paragons. When switcing between roles, be it tank, heal or dps, to any other you will want to, or even have to, switch gear regardless. As also mentioned this system of different…
  • Idea for an interesting and creative way of working with new weapons: If the weapon set bonuses are all collected into a similar tab as mount passive bonuses (like Dominant Force etc.) and can be selected from a list with any "base weapons", then you can keep releasing newer weapons with higher IL to be desirable to…
  • > @"giz#2086" said: > DPS Warlock is fun, but it's almost a useless spec to be honest. At least there are better option for end game DPS. Sounds more like you run it incorrectly if you think it is useless
  • You asked for vid without pally, do not think anyone has bothered testing on soulweaver. It requires dps to actually put in effort into survivability too, so getting people bothered testing it would be hard. This is the only vid I know of solo heal DC, so it isn't like it is regular for clerics either.
  • @"agoraotro#4630" No death run solo cleric heal https://youtu.be/D0kd_Rh4bA0
  • @vorphied at least someone gets it in the midst of this overdramatic forum section xD
  • I still run my warlock as my only toon, and I like it still. I can do all content both on dps spec and on heal spec perfectly fine.
  • What I'd love to see is some more synergy between tab for instance on Hellbringer. You slotted old Soul Scorch into it, you keep wanting curse removing and re-applying to be a thing, but why did you then make new soul scorch NOT remove curses? This would be a great synergy with other current functions of the class. There…
  • absolutely not, if there was a disagree button I'd press it a 100 times. There are several equally interested in healer spec as in the other that I know, myself included.
  • Idea for a change to Fiery Bolt: I understand the conflict with people wanting this as their go-to AoE and also the lack of a single target encounter, so why not make it both? The idea was given to me by a friend today that it could work like the old Murderous Flames. What if it keeps its single target property with 700…
  • This might be an unpopular opinion, but this is a great chance to remove companion attack linked debuffs in a way that you can choose freely betweeen the list of comps on which you want summoned. Seeing everyone use the same summoned companion is very boring, it would be fantastic to make it so either every comp is equally…
  • I bought a purple Dancing Shield on live and brought it to preview, when trying to equip it I could not because "I already had the set of items". However I had the green version, and rather wanted to have the purple one, but it did not seem like I could discard the current green version to get the purple equipped. There…
  • I allways run KF + MF on both SB and HB loadout for Fury, I think it differs a lot depending on how specced you are. If you have a very powerful build, adds survive very short and then I find KF, PoP (BoVA if SB) and FB for AoE. When lowered specced ads survive longer and other setups might be beneficial. I however have…
  • I am quite sure with the newest update to the debuff system that there is no such thing as uncapped and capped debuffs :) Everything stacks to the infinite now but with heavy diminishing returns once you reach higher numbers. @duckntroll
  • Not having much problems with the mechanic on my SW
  • On my templock we did fast and smooth runs like that with 1 DC and 1 Templock before the buffs were live. After buffs I have done smooth runs even with two SW, another templock and me running as main DPS.
  • Sorry to say @damianwayne00 but if you are beaten by the OP and DC you clearly do something wrong. . . No point reworking a class around someone that does not know how to use it and then posts hyperbole due to that.
  • Scourge Warlock's Dreadtheft: Dreadtheft does not currently proc weapon enchantments correctly. First tick works, but the rest are ticks for 0 damage. The additional effects, such as lightning arcs, plague burn effect and debuffs, do correctly proc from the 0 ticks however.
  • @schietindebux I do not think it is necessary to respond to such idiotic posts as the insults @tyrtallow posted above. He may post his unimportant insults to make himself feel better, but they really are for no good, and discussing with him probably is for no good either. Enough said.
  • They don't really multiproc, the 0 proc keeps the burning effect up, so they keep ticking with the burning only.
  • I tested what @obsidiancran3 mentioned above with both plague and terror. From my ACT log, which I believe ignores the 0 damage ticks, Terror only procced once over the total duration of Dreadthefts 12 ticks. On Plague fire the 0 ticks at least keeps debuff up, so the burning effect from it ticks during the duration of…
  • If you read his comment thoroughly and actually spent a second thinking it through he stated healing without dealing damage, aka your statement about "DPS*LS" is pointless because that requires a situation with dealing damage. . . What he refers to are situations like in-between fights healing allies back to full health…
  • I do not think that is a bug, more like the way it is intended to work. Soul Bonding damage buff is supposed to be from the main Warlock's Curse, so if you find that this curse does not trigger it you can report it as a bug. I already think with the way it is intended and the fix of the various powers from DC that stacks…
  • I posted an idea for a use of warlocks bargain in another post in the forum class section which could be implemented in the Temptation capstone as both a damage mitigation for party and somewhat damage boost: «Warlock's Bargain now also redirects 15% of the damage allies within 50' take to the targeted foe.» I like the…
  • Good initiative. I am trying to limit my playtime atm and focusing on some irl stuff, but I hope you guys will be able to work out some neat ideas. Looking forward to playing around in mod 13 with the fixes and tweaks that are awaiting. :)
  • Not saying it is a good idea xD
  • Edit: removed in case the idea was recieved as serious on the other end. xD
  • @almondum The reason they made Dreadtheft multiproc is that it is a channeling power that locks you into doing nothing else than Dreadtheft. So while casting Dreadtheft you can't cast other things. Which is different from for example Condult of Ice, which is cast once and keeps going while you can keep on doing other stuff.
  • Maybe stack to like ~5 would be ok, but infinite stack like creeping death could potentially be too powerful. Edit: Though I suppose making sure it works correctly an maybe just increase its base damage would be an easier and probably equally well working solution.