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  • Entertaining little romp and dialogue. But lots of long uneventful corridors. Appreciate a walk through of my quests if you have the time. Cheers (Links in sig)
  • Thanks for the note eoxid. I played through it myself and found the bug. Will fix it once the editor comes online! In the meantime, you can check out the other 2 options when you talk to the Einryes in the beginning. It will spawn different types of mobs! Cheers
  • Very very cool quest. Really really loved the last bit. Mind telling me what map that was? You can PM me if you don't want to say it out here. Outstanding work! Definitely deserving of 5 stars and the maximum tip. Appreciate if you could give my quest - Amulet of the Shining Sun- NW-DRKKGUI26 a walkthrough and give me some…
  • Hi I think I may have figured out why you got so little plays. In the area where you have to look for things out of place, the rock in the 2nd area on the wall, is hard to click. (Item out of line of sight message always appears) I had to jump and jump to find a place to stand and interact. However, when interacting, I…
  • Care to do one more ? :) Really appreciate if you could. The Amulet of the Shining Sun - NW-DRKKGUI26 Thanks
  • Hi there Mighty kind of you. Appreciate a run through of my 2 campaigns (They're short) :) Cheers. Links in Sig
  • Hi Have just played through your quest. Quite an enjoyable little romp. Just a small comment and bug Bug: The door to doom at the beginning. It gives 2 options when you click on it. DOOM or INTERACT. If you select interact, it opens and you can't continue. Had to quit and restart. Maybe put a portal instead of a door?…
  • Hi Nice of you to do this. Appreciate a run through of all quests below (Or just the Amulet of Shining Sun if you don't have the time) Cheers (Links in sig)
  • Hi Cool of you to do this! Run through all 4 of my quests! They give good xp :) Cheers (Links in sig, or you can just search under author for pavvo)
  • Hi just played through your quest. It's quite entertaining. Love what you've done with the wererats and skin. However, the last 2 parts - Appaling Visage Part 1 and 2, please do not stack encounters. Don't put more than 1 encounter stacked at a time, unless you warn the player first in the quest description. They may work…
  • Yes me too. I can save quests, but the publish button is greyed out.
  • Hi Savaikun. This same thing happened to me before. My first quest disappeared. I put in a ticket and the next day, it just showed up again!
  • Yeah tried renaming them and republishing. But it still defaulted back to Frost Goblins. Hilarious! Guess I'm goin to have to redo that bit of the map later tonight ><"
  • Thanks for the prompts. Have made all the changes to the grammar, portals, and quest details. I thought it was strange you mention the skinned models as I have never touched my all the little mobs in that dungeon. Went back to the foundry to check and ALL my mobs (even in the other options) were changed to Frost Goblin…
  • Really nice twist. One small comment, the fight at the beginning at the lava area. It's possible to bug it by falling in the lava. If you run out, the mobs will run below and get stuck. I had to restart and make sure not to go down or push anyone down. Cool new concept, I really really enjoyed it. And the fact that it's…
  • Hi. Have just played and rated your quest. Quite interesting storyline. One comment, your NPC prisoners, when you interact with them, some of them have the template name (Corrupted prisoner 01, etc...) Would help to rename them. Appreciate a review of my quest Amulet of the Shining Sun (2nd quest of the campaign). Links in…
  • Thanks Alucard060 ! Just tried re-verifying my files and logged in and it worked! I can see my quest now !! Thanks a bunch ! :)
  • Ouch alucard060, they really need to have a better system to display quests :) Yeah, other quests open fine, I opened, saved and re-published all my other quests. Just that when opening 3 Suns Aligned, it crashed to login. Have already submitted a ticket :(
  • Hi zebular. Thanks for the reply. My quest has been up in the Foundry list for almost a month. It has already received 40 reviews and is eligible for dailies. However when I searched for it this morning, it was gone! My other quests can still be found. The quest in question is 3 Suns Aligned -NW-DFEKZANXF, part of my…
  • Hi That's mighty kind of you. Appreciate a review of my 2nd quest - Amulet of the Shining Sun (short code in sig below) Cheers
  • Thanks for helping myrmecoleon. Have just shut down my computer. Will check when I get back from work. Cheers ;)
  • When I went to the foundry to check, the quest was still there. However when I tried to edit it, it logged me back out to the login page. Have already submitted a ticket, but just wanted to know if anyone here encountered a similar issue before?
  • Hi Just reviewed your quest. The gatekeeper bugs out at times when you spawn him next to a rock. Maybe move his spawn a little? The lava room could use a campfire at the beginning. Would appreciate a review in return. Links in sig Thanks
  • Entertaining quest. Some encounter stacking at some areas, especially the Ogre and Mindflayer parts. It will be quite an insta-kill for a solo 50-60. But fun overall! Appreciate a review of my quests (links in sig) Cheers
  • Hi That's mighty nice of you. Appreciate a review of my quests. Links in sig
  • Hi Just played your quest. Enjoyable A couple of issues, in the dining hall, one of the mobs (the troll i believe) was stuck in the middle of the table Upstairs, the guy (Keryin I think) had his interaction listed as clicky thingy 01 And in contrary to what darknova has said, please do NOT encounter stack. It works fine…
  • Hi no worries :) The 2nd one - Amulet of the Shining Sun is in need of reviews, but if you could play through them all, that'd be great too! :) The first campaign's quests are about 20 min each and the 2nd one is really short 6-10 min each Cheers
  • Just played your quest again today! Really fun. Have you checked out mine yet? Cheers