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  • I'm still irritated that they removed wards etc. from the Tarmalune Trade Store right after VIP was released. That was one of the most dirty underhanded shady nasty tricks a company ever pulled on its player base. I personally haven't spent a penny on Neverwinter since they did that. And I doubt I will ever stop being…
  • Announcing: Maze Engine: Module That Has nothing to do with Maze Engine!
  • These sound like positive changes, QoL is always important! Speaking of QoL... Costume Collection Tab, Costume Collection Tab, Costume Collection Tab... *echo *echo *echo
  • Killing the trade bar store pretty much stopped me from spending money on this game. In fact I believe Im going on havent spent a penny since they screwed the trade bar store over after I had purchased a full year of VIP. Now I get slapped in the face with this new companion for 6 month VIP purchasers. I'm positive Cyptic…
  • If they do something similar to the mount system for costumes/gear appearances then (at least I) would get my entire bank freed up. Im getting close to running out of space with max size bags and all bank slots + shared... I hope their solution isnt 40 slot bags for $50, that will be my curtain call ladies and gents, no…
  • Nope doesnt matter how much VIP time you have already purchased, could've purchased 6 months yesterday, gotta buy it all over again to get the companion... No thanks Neverwinter Marketing Team. Ill buy VIP when I feel like it, or not. IMO if you are already rank twelve with several hundred days worth of VIP already on your…
  • So since I already have over a year purchased of VIP I automatically get this companion... right? Or is that article telling me they want me to buy 6 more months on top of the year I've already purchased to get it? Cause Its limited time... So hurry up and buy 6 more months! That whats happening right now?
  • Sorry if someone asked and this was answered already, I didnt read through all the responses, will we be able to check out any of the new quests cut scenes if we've already progressedd through this w/o having to re roll a character? I don't play alts so this matters too me.
  • I am extremely interested in the campaign for Elemental Evil from 60-70. Even though I am 70 and have (painfully) fought my way through that content will I be able to go back and participate in the new story quests? And the Campaign?
  • So I'm still confused about something, will my mounts still be taking up bag/bank/alt space or will they now be stored in a magical never ending 'bag'?
  • 3/3/16 Still saving money. I consider this an all or nothing issue, personally. I will happily financially participate in this game (because I love it) again when they back down from this non-sense. Until then I'll log in and get my keys till my VIP runs out and spend my money elsewhere. I'm very irritated by this, it is…
  • You can count me as one of the "I def won't be participating in this, and the new website gives me a headache" category.
    in ARC 3.0 Comment by nimandiir March 2016
  • Still saving money, kinda a good feeling ;)
  • Well said, I hadn't thought of it like that. I'm with you, I think they are fast going to realize how big of a mistake this is. Every one of my guild members are not pleased (understatment) and the channel we are a part of is in downright flames. I'm gonna grab my popcorn and see how this plays out... Edit: As an aside, It…
  • LOL, you are obfuscating BIG TIME. yetweallfalldown clearly stated "Coalescent Wards WILL NOT be leaving the stores and pricing WILL NOT increase." That right there is a PROMISE! It doesn't matter if it was a response to question, it doesn't matter if it was 6 months ago. That is an EMPHATIC statement that they are here…
  • There are legal ramifications if you 'knowingly' commit to a charge back for fraudulent reasons. It is very hard to prove in court that one 'knowingly' commited fraud in a charge back unless you have told someone or said out loud in a deposition that you did the chargeback "because such and such did something that wasnt…
  • I will speak from experience here, anytime... Anytime you run a chargeback against an online game your account will be permanetly banned. No if's and's or but's. The likelyhood of you getting your account reinstated after a chargeback is basically zero. In the U.S online gamers have next to no rights whatsoever. The ToS…
  • I feel like I have been defrauded, the only reason I purchased VIP and ranked it up to 12 was the keys and discounted prices and the Taurmalane Bars I would earn with said keys to finally make gems and wards affordable. Now gems and wards are gone and it makes me wonder whats next? Is Cryptic going to come out and say "Oh…
  • I have spent over a thousand dollars on this game, this is the final straw for me, no more money will i spend. To say I am frustrated is... i dont think there is a word in the english language for what I feel for how you guys treat us except AAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!! I Bought up to VIP 12 and the free keys actually made me…
  • This is exactly what I've been requesting! TYVM Dev's! Now onto our Costumes Collections tab!!!!!!!! And armor and weapon style collections that we can just spend the 5k transmute or better yet generate a new bound item to use! The system is there already, we can do this!
  • So judging by the Regen is worthless and this is only for people who like to see higher #'s responses in this thread, then I'm only going to see a couple of these guys around town... yeah, right, thats whats gonna happen ;)
  • Bugs are too be expected, it's our job as players to bug report when we find them providing accurate descriptions of what we were doing. Including what we were eating and what music we were listening too, you never know...
  • Bring back the team that made the first 3 modules. And I like the gear preview and Taramalune Trade bar rework, now we just need a collection tab that allows us to equip consmetics and mounts w/o taking up over 100 bank slots<- True Fact
  • I'm done expecting anything from them, it's obvious something is wrong internally. I'm just going to enjoy what I enjoy about the game and ignore the rest... Ironically the dailies from the original campaigns are what I enjoy most... I find that hilarious :p
  • The only cool thing about this update is the single player storyline... its what they do very well, but they still recycled old content which pisses me off cause they said they wouldn't do that.
  • A true collection and achievement system NEEDS to be added into the game, period.
  • I took this to mean "you still lose 50% of your refinement" but a bone is better than no bone at all ;)
  • It isn't a coincidence that Trade Bars are being reworked now that a lot of people are getting more of them from Elite Status, so what do you think O.P? They are going to make it better? Or remove things like Coalescent Wards and add things like fluff?