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  • +1 why are we the only class that have bound gear dropping here? Totally ludicrous.
  • 4 manned it after giving up the first night. Here's what worked for our diminished group... 1. Pick someone to tank the Dragon, give the GF something to do. 2. The Mages aren't important, don't kill them, only 2 will spawn. CC or kite them up to you. 3. Kill Imps first always, gives your Cleric a better chance to move.…
  • WOW I came here thinking I was gonna be reading *****ing and moaning, but holy kitten I agree with EVERY single thing you've said. Well done, I sincerely hope somebody over at PWE reads this and actually takes it to heart.
  • If you're only level 13 you're better off mailing items and materials to your account and rerolling tbh.
  • Well said OP, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. Running in a guild group we don't have much choice due to number of members but as soon it became clear that protecting the Cleric by focusing adds then going back to the Big Bad Boss was the only way to do things it became alot better.
  • I'm sorry for sounding entitled but really guys? Come on, I hope you can get this nonsense sorted out.
  • You CAN lock target by holding control down but it's that initial acquisition when you need a clutch heal that becomes extremely difficult, further exasperated if you have any of the "mouse over" bars enabled (mob and player HP) as your cursor triggers more than one to show. I'm also against trivialising healing in the…
  • Yeah last night I toned down my healing in Lair of the Mad Dragon to approximate more how I healed in other games and the difference was noticable for me. Was just discussing this with a fellow guild Cleric who I've healed with in other games and we're reaching the conclusion that due to the nature of how Cleric healing…
  • I've been asking the same question but have always generally preferred crit over base power in most games I've played. Granted I'm only level 40 so most of my healing comes from (d)FF but seeing that crit is quite satisfying, same thing with HW when I do slot it. I'm certain things change at cap and once I have access to…
  • +1 here too, sometimes the toggle doesn't take due to latency (yes there are many people not in the USA).
  • Please explain to me how you're meant to try various power and feat combinations to thoroughly understand the capabilities of your class when you have to drop ludicrous amounts of real world money to do so? HONESTLY!? All of you saying "herpderp" to a cheaper and more accessible respec are either Closed Beta Elitists,…
  • I'd like to add my voice to this thread. Unlike all of you though I'm playing from Southern Africa and having to connect to the US is pushing my latency up by around 100ms. Fastest I'll ever get to a Europe data centre is 160ms, contrasted to 250-300ms for an American based data centre. One day perhaps gaming companies…
  • UI ISSUES 1. CONSISTENCY I don't have major gripes with the UI overall although I haven't delved much into the game being. However it is common practise to try to maintain a consistent approach to foster muscle memory. Case in point, something as simple as speaking to a quest giver: You click on a button on the right side…