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  • I would like to second what Oghier has written.
  • Did some parsing for Dread Vault daily (yes it's not epic but too bad) yesterday when I got a chance to play, will post the results after work, some interesting numbers to look over.
  • You've got some of the bases covered, save your respec for end game, you're gonna need it.
  • I felt the same when looking over the spec posted, just couldn't let go of foresight so have made some personal alterations, picked up my balls and respecced, will do some tests during the Delve this evening. Regarding foresight, I usually ran with it slotted and did notice the buff icon showing up on my character portrait…
  • So here's a quick way to find some common ground, post both your average latencies and where you're playing from. The sheer amount of rubber-banding and "how the **** did that hit me" moments when you've clearly dodged a red spot and get teleported back into it makes my guild of above-average friends who have played…
  • That must have cost you quiet a penny! **** man, colour me jealous!
  • Thing is, and this is me being cynical, with the death debuff gone or cleansed there's very little incentive for people to buy resurrection scrolls. Ditto with our healing, less incentive to buy health stones. They wanna make more cash, so they nerf the healer.
  • That looks to be fairly solid, thanks for sharing! Personally I'm on the fence with BotS, just feels to me like something is missing from the skill. Maybe if it ticked faster I'd like it more, the crit. rate also feels fairly low. In a perfect world, errr, in a optimal world, Astral Seals cast time would be as fast as…
  • Thank you for those insights! Looking forward to your thoughts after giving things a go on the PTS. One other factor I'd like to throw out there, we aren't the only class able to throw out temporary HP. Guardians are able to provide temp. HP to both themselves and members of the party adding a further benefit to feats that…
  • You nailed it, the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Sales trump all.
  • You Sir, absolutely get it... Haven't had time to chat to the other guild cleric yet (we are only two out of 20) but it was painfully obvious from the testing that I did last night that we have been reduced to a simple, boring, rotation.
  • Oh is that a fact? While I'll reserve judgement on the aggro mechanics until I've personally experienced it the rest of that paragraph is a load of giant <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>. Require more team play? Communication being important? What do you take a large portion of this community as, a bunch of random pugs…
  • Take Off Your Green Dollar Bill Glasses Devs are automatically and magically transported into the end game dungeons of their competitors. They are provided with level and achievement appropriate gear and told to slap that booty till it hurts. They are also provided with a clipboard, a limitless supply of paper and a very…
  • @CHONIR01 - How are you getting 3000 defense? None of the tier 1 armor sets have significant defense. Heck, stuff like blue +5 blah blah of protection using only the boots and helm grant close to 1500 defense but your gear score drops significantly. I don't have massive amounts of cash to drop on a cat or stone. Most AD…
  • I honestly feel your pain and can sympathise, myself as one of two clerics in our guild along with our primary tank GF are suffering burnout and frustration past the point of being able to sanely express it. I'm contemplating buying a respec token to fix a few minor errors I've made but don't think it will be one of those…
  • This poster gets it, kudos man/mam.
  • At least you're getting 100-200, playing from Africa I'm getting 250-300. End game is a total joke between desynch and dodges not avoiding damage combined with "THAT ADD MECHANIC". Yeah, playing a laggy cleric is fun.
  • I'd like to throw a bone out to all the GOOD GF's out there. You guys are legend, despite the shortcoming and bugs with your class you persevere and try so very hard. That is the true essence of a tank, someone, who against all the odds, does their utmost best to keep others safe. So here's a shout out to you all, and mad…
  • I play mine and will continue to play mine because I'm a <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>. I love beating myself up and balance the scale by trying to keep others alive. I also played healers and off-tanks in other games. In this one I play both. Yes it is tiring, frustrating and ludicrously difficult, but hey, I'm a…
  • Righteousness - Your chosen God has imbued you with their divine power granting you ............ for your chosen path. GIVE US THE OPTIONS VIA PARAGON PATH CHOICES TO FILL IN THE BLANKS. Wanna tank ... 30% more threat from healing, 10% defense bonus from AC Wanna heal ... 30% less threat from healing, 10% increased healing…
  • What worked for our group in our second attempt at Mad Dragon at around the same level was to ignore the Hellfire Magus's completely. You'll only have two of them at a time if you don't dps them down and their ground targeted AOE's are easy enough to avoid. Pick someone with good movement to tank the Dragon or have your…
  • If you're doing anything and have three or more unused (D) pips then you're doing something wrong. Basically having a fourth pip will only benefit you BEFORE a big encounter. Minimum of two points have been recommended as optimal for the most efficient up time on Rising Hope. (Credit to Unspecified for that).
  • Finally a friggin' proper dual wielding Ranger. My heart just went BADONKA DONKA DONK.
  • Agreed, the queue system and instance join are really dodgy. I, as a cleric have also been kicked due to having to relog to get the "return to instance" button.
  • And the GW2 market has never, ever been manipulated, especially in winter? Any game with an AH or player driven economy is going to be subject to manipulation. The difference is that in context of Neverwinter your actual real life wallet makes it so much easier to do.
  • Honestly who cares what class the OP plays, take off your LOLZ DA ROGUE glasses and actually READ what he's saying. If more than one sentence is hard to comprehend I'll summarise for you: Collate factual proof taken outside of a solo context, then post your findings for the dev team to look at.
  • Well to be honest I'm running with something close to Deistik's crit build and I hate being an Astral Shield bot. Luckily we run dual-cleric since the static in our guild are waiting for other members to hit cap. With that said I'm usually rolling dps and switch in AS and some AP gain traits for the tougher boss fights.…
  • @ Elessym. If that is indeed the case then I'm willing to accept it. Would be nice to have an official response on that though, as anecdotal as the observation that times shift the same amount as the maintenance period is, that's all we have to go by. What is the purpose of being able to set recurring guild events if the…
  • I have the exact same problem and cannot find a solution any where. That window seems to be stuck in an animation loop for some reason.