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  • Someone a solution or an answer?
  • Haotaus you're not the only between a lot of people that can't play the game. This problem is ingnored and I regret the day when I started playing this game. And the response for this issue is to buy a new video card, this is their answer.
  • So this game is dead for us. Congratulation perfect world, cryptic. Neverwinter was my favorite game betwen another games and you have ruined the game.
  • Certainly this problem is ignored, and that's why I deleted Neverwinter. I do not know what they are focused, but they make like other developers and they ignore us completely and they move on.
  • boghy89 outside the city map, games run fine and i never had a problem with lag in other maps.I have 1 GB of RAM but also pentium 4 3 Ghz. My video card it's a problem. They have updated the game to the latest video cards. This is the cause of our problem, from what I heard.
  • I have 1 GB RAM , video memory 256 Mb, so i think that the solutions is a new video card, by your words. Thanks for response.
  • I need a response, there is a solutions for my problem, maybe a program?
  • I wait for a new update . Maybe they will solve the problem, surely if they are interested. When they applied the mod 4, I reached lvl 60 and after update interface don't work. Maybe a method or a program can fix this "bug" or our bug.
  • Bro, your solution about you spoke don't work because i reinstalled the game and interface not returned. After that, i reinstalled windows and interface not returned . I have all the drivers updated. Can be my system? I run Neverwinter with windows xp , p4 3 ghz, 1 GB RAM and video card "ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series"…
  • This file doesn't exist in my computer. After mod 4 Neverwinter has this interface and i can do anything. Is there any solution? My video card is this http://www.gpureview.com/radeon-x1050-pci-e-card-496.html photo sharing
  • eldarth where is that file ? gif image hosting
  • Can be this bug solved or it is a message to give up and delete Neverwinter.
  • It's been 3 weeks and one update and this problem is not solved . @baddeeds any attempt to change the resolution will not solve anything.
  • I also have that problem . I use ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series with 256 mb RAM. I don't know what is it the problem when the minimum System Requirements for graphics are these "Shader Model 2.0 or higher, GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X850 performance, 128MB+ video ram" and mi OS is Windows Xp with directx 9 and also…
  • I also have ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series card and this problem persist after the lastest update. I think there is a hope and staff will fix .
  • I also have that problem, but reset to default not fix that problem . uploading pictures photo sharing image upload no compression