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  • I'm sure they looked at June and thought 6 months because it's our sixth month despite the end of June being 6 months.
  • Well I guess this got ignored.
  • I have one character for mostly holding stuff and I have a bunch of blue's that are bound, the one green I have is still unbound. I have some characters I have been ignoring and went to finally get them hooked up cause they need to be better for New Sharandar and i'm not buying them all another high end artifact. Hopefully…
  • I quit for a year and a half after that one
  • I been playing this game since the day it came out. I don't need an apology, I would rather them say "This game is free and we need to make it harder sometimes so people buy more HAMSTER" instead of always being like "we are making things better!!" hahaha it's stupid.
  • Every Thursday my patches are big, over a gig...obviously somethings not right. I'm assuming this wasn't over a gig right?
  • Yeah,it did start in the afternoon.I appreciate the reply,thanks :)
  • Maybe it changes at 10 am est?
  • You definitely don't work for Neverwinter,shills these days =/ What a disaster this game has been.I started playing it when it came out and they have been murdering this game for years,some serious greed going on.I think they are throwing in the towel and getting anything they can here in the end.What a piece of HAMSTER…
  • I have finished blacklake and every early quest following a guide step by step and I still can't get invoke.I'm level 50.
  • Thanks for not caring or trying here.I have lost almost a month of invoking,coins and most of all experience.Ignored.
  • I see nothing is being done about this.It's pretty bad when you pay money for something,it doesn't work and you just get ignored.Like the invoke not working for a ton of people for a long time now....I was told they were looking into it and then later told to talk to the NPC that gives out the Invoke quest.Really?All the…
  • My sons computer is doing this same exact thing.We have been playing this game for over a year,long enough to know not to be optimistic about a fix.Hopefully they come through cause when you put money into the game it's quite the kick in the grapes when stuff like this happens. Edit:wow I didn't realize it's been a few…
  • I don't get any animation, I don't even have the countdown thing.I tried the other stuff already with no luck.It seems a lot of people have this problem I think simple things like full bags or simple quest brain farts can be ruled out.It's been a few weeks for me, a few weeks in which my now lvl 45 has missed out on a ton…
  • I have this same exact problem.Lvl 45.My other character uses it just fine,I have no quests at Knox,it's not in my journal.Any help would be appreciated.While searching around I have seen other people with this same exact problem and haven't seen any replies besides the post above me.
  • I have sent about 30 or so messages..initially with each name.So maybe that will help since NOTHING ELSE WORKED.So I sent a message with each name...and then some extra messages and then some more making sure the names were clear.It's pretty sad when joe shmo says hey this account has been selling bot stuff for about a…
  • mmorpg or mmomafia?There's a lot of statistics that will point to one...an interesting read no doubt
  • I have done that over and over and over and no one cares.It's clearly the same person...if you buy something it's replaced seconds later 24 hours a day 7 days a week and all the accounts that coincide perfectly with this player and their characteristics all have the same'ish handle.I have reported them over and over and…
  • I didn't read the thread but I have spent the last few day gathering and reporting accounts that are used to sell enchants gathered by bots.I know they are bots because I have followed them for the last few months.If something they are selling gets sold it's only a minute later that it's up again for the same price 24…
  • also with the same character I hit level 30 and my pro didn't unlock I think there's something f'd up with this character
  • that's what's driving me nuts,I have plenty of open slots.
  • I didn't want to start a thread so i'll just plop it in here since it's semi-relative.Auction House only says "searching" nothing ever comes up.My professions are all frozen,I can't collect the finished ones and obviously not start new ones.The game itself is running at full speed everything is smooth but both these are…