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  • well i can tell you it is not just lostmouth me and some friends went to test new mod i have a fighter all lvl 80 stuff new weapons new artifact sets all m,axed enchants/companions/leg mount ect ect i literally have best stuff you can get (except end dungeons gear) 20k itl and no matter what i do i get crushed…
  • exactly correct on most of what you said but lets be honest veteran players keep a game alive as they already have an investment in the game and will only leave if pushed hard enough the wrong way. but getting new players will be much harder and many look at the internet or youtube ect to see if a game is to their liking…
  • actually yes a SW a TR and a GF all maxed gear/enchants ect ect and all are just not fun to play GF cannot hold agro on multiple targets TR pretty much being locked in to a smoke bomb rouge which is terrible SW idk why they have a healing path because it works about as good at healing as me jumping in a blender i havnt…
  • i love the idea of role definition i even dont mind (what will become cookie cutter builds) from lack of feat / boon options. but 2 things make me just want to scream atm. no taunt!!!! that has always been a key factor for tanks.... the ability to pull mobs off party when needed. And the non threat building skill set. our…
  • ok i was sooooo happy when i heard defined rolls where being established. untill i went and tested the GF tanking ability. there is none you took away taunt and dmg from enforced threat.... now it "puts you at top of threat list" is that a joke? that lasts about 1 second before dps pulls everything to them. pretty much gf…