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  • I am flabbergasted to get a new notification on a 9 yr old thread. Mega necro!
    in tickets Comment by kiralia July 2
  • The reason most people don't tend to use health stones is cos they are so **** expensive...1500 zen for 1 stone If they want to increase sales of them they need to cut them down to more like 500 zen each.
  • Well myself and 3 others (who I convinced to come give neverwinter a go to begin with actually) have decided to go back to playing a 10 year old bot infested game for now. The advantage of this being free to play is that I can peek in now and then to see how its going, maybe come back once its matured and perhaps the DC is…
  • They will probably say that they forgot to mention that the bug with ff previously was adding extra healing instead of extra snare and so now it is working as intended since they fixed the snare.
  • Why? Because cleric changes don't get retracted no matter what we say...silly sausage.
  • Personally I have never had a problem with it, when I log in I get a lil message in the chat box telling me how many rough have been refined and it always seems to match up.
  • Maybe a different dev working on gwf compared to dc? I know thats how they do it in other games, so that the fighter dev would not respond/deal with cleric concerns and problems. But yeah they pretty much ignore the clerics here.
  • To jump on the bandwagon of the original poster on ddo forum not knowing what he is talking about....since when do clerics here wear robes?
  • They do well at responding to urgent issues I think and keeping people in the loop on things like server downtime. But they are terrible at general player communication. The foundry area does pretty well, and they do post a very rare actual post here and there. But if you look at the majority of their communications its…
  • It isn't a buff. Its a fix. It is an encounter power and as such should have been acting as an encounter power. We know enough by now to realise that even with this fix it is probably not going to proc all the stuff we would like it to proc. So no, I think yes its nice that finally they are fixing it, but its not something…
  • well I doubt they could answer questions anyhow. I don't get the feeling its really their guide since they don't seem to understand certain things, just 1 put together by reading other guides.
  • Looking into it it seems they wanted their guide on the sticky and were told to put it on the forum rather than just an external link, so may not ever come back here lol
  • I havent tested it but I am guessing that if you say on average you hit 5 mobs with your sb, look at how much ap that gives you and divide it by 5 and tag on 25%. Seems to me like that 25% isnt really 'free' its supposed to act as some kind of pacifier for nerfing our main ap gen tool into the ground under the guise of…
  • Sun Burst: When hitting both enemies and other allies at the same time, the player now gains 25% more Action Points from this power. However, this power no longer incorrectly multiplies the intended Action Point gain per cast by the number of enemy targets affected. I am wondering just how big a nerf that equates to.
    in Really? Comment by kiralia August 2013
  • Yeah and stressing that 1 thing more than once in the guide kinda undermined anything useful he might have to say, that and talking about how good a feat healing action is without mentioning using hw or boh so therefore making taking the feat pointless.
  • Are you actually level 60 and using this build? Or is this a case of looking at the class and just guessing a build? Reason I ask is that AS has not been able to be kept up all the time for ages. No matter how much recovery you stack.
  • So they give you a peasant outfit when you start the game and another peasant outfit when you finish leveling in the game? That sounds really weird and a very stupid idea. Could that perhaps just be a placeholder cos they haven't actually finished the item yet?
  • Don't worry the q time will get shorter for full groups after a while, when nobody else bothers to even try you will get right in. This limited number of instances for skirmishes and dungeons is just plain stupid.
  • Rift had to add a penalty because people were doing it there..can't remember if it was just for leaving after zoning into dungeon (in which case you could not join another for a set time) or if it put you to the back of the queue if you declined as well...its not logical but then griefers are illogical people who take…
  • Only time i have had that happen is when the foundry has been banned. Was it the spiders? Or another map by that author? I know several of his were banned recently. Drop the quest, unsubscribe from it, then see if you can still find it by searching the name in the foundry lists.
  • Beta ended quite a while ago.
  • Am not really sure why people feel fixing this suddenly ruins the class. It was a nice lil bonus for a while that everyone with any sense knew was gonna get fixed pretty fast. Even the CW i partner with when I was explaining the skill and using it with SB knew it was gonna get fixed before too long. I agree that DC needs a…
  • There is no charge incurred for posting or cancelling zen purchases so you do not lose any AD when moving diamonds between chars on the same account. I dunno if they tried that in an early beta but certainly since open beta it has been this way. Otherwise i think the zen market would be far less active.
  • The 40% reduction is not on potions as well. Somebody made a joke about the devs adding that and it appears to have become stuck in some people's mind as fact. We get the same amount of healing from potions as anybody else does.
  • You must be seeing something different to me then cos everything I have checked appears to be a lower price now than before...perhaps not as low as they were before the Tymora event but certainly lower than before they started the lilend thing.
  • I have terrible luck with those types of things but decided once a while ago to try 1 out just for fun. Cost of asset pack 1600 zen (512k AD at the time) Contents of asset pack 1 blue mailsmith, rest green assets...none of which I wanted Value of said items on AH 185k Nett loss 327k AD That was before the special event…
  • An attack that drains ap? eww
  • They are talking about the fact it is apparently no longer working in the same way with sunburst on the test server. On live currently you can cast sunburst then quickly switch into divinity before sunburst finishes its cast and it will proc linked spirit without using any divinity pip and without throwing the monsters…
  • We all knew it was going to be fixed though. The priority for clerics seems to be to fix anything that might give them a slight unintended boost and leave actual fixes til later. Oh and if they give us new armor sets to make em kinda useless.