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  • When I first saw the Barkshield I had two thoughts: - it's ugly as sin - how can I loose a stack that suppose to absorb say...20k when I got hit with 3k? Both above were a nono for me and I keep it there. On the other hand, should Barkshield worked like it was described, and would protect the player for a total of 200k on…
  • Tanking as a GF is a lot more fun, for me personally, no questions asked. It's harder, it's less forgiving and due to those two it's more satisfying. Back in the day when I made my OP just to take a grasp at the class, the thing that hit me the most is that OP's shield is....exactly why is it even there? (apart from using…
  • Well Pallies were always an easier class to "tank with" 360 shield and temp HP makes a huge difference. As you said, you're still able to tank TONG so I would be far from shelving a GF (I'm not even close to do it myself). Ring of the Curse Bringer is a thing, yes but it's limited to your attacks and we're not doing it too…
  • First few times I was there it was very hectic. Massive hit's taken via KV, I was almost afraid to drop my shield for a second :) When the souls appear you're most certainly facing the boss and the souls are behind you. So what I made (and paid for it dearly on a couple occasions) was turning around and trying to mark the…
  • I couldn't agree more. I'm not so much for the hunts myself, I mean I did try it few times and it was just "meh" from me. Anyway, Gipsy said it all, please listen to the feedback and make Hunts a bit more fun.
  • Some really good points here...and I want to express my gratitude that FINALLY things are being adjusted in the UI/inventory management area - it's painfully needed for a bit. Keep up the good work, looking at some QOL with the professions should be another big goal for you guys.
  • We're just too sexy to pass by, that's the main thing!
  • Another Monday, another whine thread where Defiant is the main actor, bravo. You Sir really should enforce the "ignore" button on these forums. I'm sure many of the readers will happily smash it few times by your name, just to make sure your post will never show on their screen again.
  • Agreed, jabbing the ugly face over the shield makes us move "inside" (ouch) the boss. Being hit by the overhead flaming sword of DOOM is not so cool then...
  • The lizard thing last boss is a...massive hits VIA KV lol. The good thing is you really feel awesome after beating it! At least I do :D
  • Yeah guess we've all been a bit confused here lol, even @noworries wrote: "It should be 20 totems for 100 riches" I'm sure that's a bit off :D
  • What? 20 totems for 100 riches?? lol, that's too good to be true
  • I was always under impression that he is marked, just the mark is not visible. There are so many debuff icons on the boss that I'm unsure is the mark even there :)
  • Guess these times are long gone and we will never feel the same as when we've farmed out hamster off to complete a set. This is specifically said about running "mod" dungeons. Those who remember know what I'm talking about. Those were rewards, and feeling that an actual drop is worth something (sometimes A LOT) and that…
  • Being perfectly honest I'm unsure how to prevent those slams. I heard rumors that tank has to be at his face all the time. This is mostly to give him a primary target for the Steam attack that's supplemented with Slams. From what I heard the more Steam attacks he make the less slams will occur. But bear with me, this is…
  • I did got the Bloodstained Shi(r)t from EGWD few days back, I actually farmed for it and needed it for my toon. It's this rare occasion when you have "YEAH!" moment opening the box.
  • C'mon wielding a huge PINK HAMSTER style SH Lance 2.0 is fun, right? Or am I THAT weird?
  • So that's not the fix we're looking for.
  • I'm probably the one that has a bit too much CA damage and Severity so....I was constantly changing Vorpal and Fey and it drives me nuts! (my first write was "buts!" decided to write it down since it's just too hilarious to pass). With full stacks of Reckless Attacker I'm like 94% crit or so. Since we now can solo que on…
  • Well wrote man. Actually I never even thought about point 4. Thing is most of us do use all kind of food,pots and other items that can be attached to a belt slot. Giving us more slots would be a very welcome change indeed. Few nice ideas and all in all a valid post. @nitocris83 at some point you've mentioned you have a…
  • Lol yeah, when I first say Snap Freeze back in the beginning of the game I was like "woho! awesome skill moar damage!" then when I actually read it again I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaa?" A prime and perfect example of weirdenseses in NWO lol.
  • You Sir just found another way to moan and HAMSTER about the game - bravo! If you don't like it, just buy things DO NOT sell - easy?
  • Oh Dear Lord sort button finally !!!! yay! & Another bag slot, woho !
  • Don't think there is an easy way around it :) We have so many ways to mix & match the gear to achieve our goal, artifacts, enchants,gear itself,insignias bonding pets.... I was at the cap earlier than switched to Orcus set + Avenger gear to my bonding pet and I'm a bit over the new meta. Yeah I was lucky enough to grab all…
  • On my tank lodout I use: Dancing Shield Rust Monster Chicken Energon Sellsword - I'm lazy and don't putt his one off from my DPS setup Sylph is a good choice IMO since the control resist of 50% is never a bad idea. Need to finally grab it on a pack sale, probably at the end of the year with 50% off. As for the Chicken it…
  • Well done Nyriel! I rarely see anyone using Line Breaker Assault. Some AOE, bleed damage via Jagged Blades and additional DR from the skill buff makes it quite a choice in going solo. Shield Warrior's Wrath also does the job here, well done.
  • Lol yeah it may be WAI indeed. FBI does hold it's own but MSP is a joke. You dev's need to realize that you're wasting some of the dungeon potential by giving it poor loot. We're there to adventure, we're there to enjoy the view, we're there to challenge ourselves, we're there to experience bosses and their mechanics, and…
  • I would urge you to go to rjc9000's guide which you will find a link in his signature. This should clear a lot of things to you.
  • I'd say that at the boss fight you should use KV, ITF and CS. It's a single target encounter and CS is great for buffing your team damage. For the KV, it depends on the group you're running with. Since you want to protect the team, than there's nothing better in our arsenal than KV. If, and only if, survivability is not an…