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  • Cheer up buttercup, if you don't like being ambushed there is ton of areas just for you ;)
  • Yup looks like they didn't change to BtA...
  • I believe this is in another post.. What about ID all button I hate having to ID every single item I want to sell.. As I said above this has been mentioned in another post but Happy Hunting!!
  • I'm not sure it is a NERF.. u get 50 Protector Seals from ETOS for example and u use this to buy the Osterian Rings = Salvage... As some of u have posted u run Alts to salvage and get ur AD.. Yes we don't have more gear to salvage from other Seals but we still can do the same with the increase from Protector Seals granted…
  • IDK if anyone else has this issue but I've lost 5% Crit Sev that really stood out for at a brief glance.. Unsure why this would change with patch, and it's not from pets summoned or unsummoned, potions etc..
  • Phew been reading all these posts for days now.. What a rodeo this has been.. Some want evidence others want them to admit they made a mistake and/or both. Some want this, some want that ( insert whatever this and/or that is ) I've played plenty of games and there will always be botters, which it turn there will be bans…
  • So Thx to those for advice.. I believe I figured out the situation which is that it's bugged.. I've dropped quest and got quest again I'll do more work on it as I'm not 100% sure as why it's not dropping the stone for Gyrion.. I've read an article on it being bugged on preview before Mod 11 hit so it could be the reason…
  • The Kavatos quest u speak of is the Weekly? Sorry my memory is not the best. So after I get the quest I go to Gyrions lair and from that moment on I'll have the option to choose which Portal Stone I want from the Ornately Carved Box? Thx for ur knowledge on this