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  • So if you played a class that ysed single slot enchants you <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>, aka op, DC, gf tac. Black desert here I come, Fu k these <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> graphics and literal game breaking bugs every single release/event.
  • 18.4k bis ac here besides Knox comp for 700 more power and last ai campaign boon for 250 power. Using two <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> cov and snail instead of 4k power I'm at 67,300 power. I play on console and I think today is my last day logging in. GG's.
  • > @greywynd said: > Actually most quite negative. > > Most of the people i daily meet in game dont even play the game anymore.. they just log in 100k log out and go play soemthign else cos theres no point wasting resources nor time in a game soon to be dead. > > People make jokes about the IQ of whoever came up with theese…
  • > @adinosii said: > I have a full set of R14 enchants for my main (partially shared between several different loadouts) I cannot go into details (due to the NDA) but I can say that for the most part I just will need to switch enchants around a bit, although I will eventually have to replace 6 of them, but as I will be…
  • I know this is the PC forum, but on Xbox the economy has went extremely downhill since the hunt bans, most alliances have died and only a few remain semi-active. I am stressing selling 20+ enchants, insigs, etc on the ah with a dead economy. Things don't move any more, a weapon or armour enchant you could be selling for…
  • Has anyone in here brought the old illusions mask from epic to legendary this year? Just wondering because it seems to be glitched and I don't want to keep pushing out wards for something *else* bugged. Edit: got it up at about 50 wards, turns out just bad luck.
  • > @putzboy78 said: > its not an "option" on pc, its a keybind. maybe instead of asking for this one specific ability, you should be asking to allow command line and keybinds on consoles That is exactly what I am asking... Did you even read? And yes by definition because you have the OPTION to type a command and bind it is…
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Neverwinter/comments/9kukgn/we_are_systems_designers_for_neverwinter_ask_us/e71ybti/ As stated by dev in an official ama on Reddit it is indeed possible (of course but for the person who said it wasn't), but it's not on their agenda. Ops and DC's need to make some noise. This shouldn't be too…
  • Seems to me it would be pretty easy to implement, a controller is mapped just as a keyboard is mapped. The console has a way to identify what button you push.. a console is a computer. For someone screaming pcmaster race you do not seem to know much about them.
  • The mod does know, because of the banning of people over an exploit turned feature because they didn't fix for 6 months when knew since preview. They still released the game broke to console then banned 80% of players. The people standing around either have no friends on because ban or just dumbfounded. Edit: just Google…