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  • <cough< Companions <cough<
  • Potions are level dependent - that is certain. Since lower level potions are worth a lot more (useful to alchemist leveling) it may be worth having a level 10-19 avatar open your boxes. I've done that with all of mine and it doesn't seem to affect anything else.
  • >But if the NPC in the Pirate map doesn't bestow me the quest to go back to Sergent Knox, I guess I'm unable to start quests in the next map.< Fortunately this isn't the way it works. The quests to return to Knox are never necessary - Knox will give you quests for any zone when you are the right level even if you have…
  • Merged servers to go with merged threads - sounds like a reasonable guess.
  • Level 16 you can do the Linkletter quests - level 18 opens up Blackdagger.
  • Gray mobs drop boxes - very gray mobs do not - this I've tested myself. Was curious if anyone could quantify it a bit better than that.
  • Tranquility - nice name. Lack of drama and serenity has a lot to recommend it <nods<.
  • Price for character slots - dirt cheap. Price for bags and mounts - outrageous by the standards of any other MMO I've played and that isn't a trivial number.
  • A rouge? **** we beg for a ranger or druid or paladin and they give us a make-up class!!!!
  • I rarely leave /zone on when in the Enclave but a time limit on how often someone can speak in the channel, a trade channel, or some of the other ideas that keep getting mentioned is a much better fix than "turn the channel off". I'd much rather be able to talk to people especially new players that are looking for…
  • >raising account value will encourage people to buy char slots and 60$ packs rather than just make a lot of alternate accounts.< Character slots perhaps - for $2.50 each. The $60 packs provide a mount and a companion for every character you have so binding isn't an issue for those.
  • Without disagreeing with anything you said - what you would have gotten for the extra $140 is all cosmetic. Plus 1,400,000 AD. The mount is no faster, the pet is no better ..... I doubt that makes you feel better but I can only try.
  • >But you're happy to let the claim that PVE players spend more stand without any evidence?< Maybe PvE players read more carefully <chuckle>. The point I made is that PvP players on average are younger and as a result have less money. No statement was made about whether PvP players SPEND less I have no information on that…
  • The primary base of any MMO - other than those geared specifically to PvP - is PvE. The PvP crowd tends to complain more, get bored faster and move on to the next great thing, and have less money to spend because they are significantly younger on average. Perfect World knows this quite well - they aren't MMO rookies. None…
  • Thanks for the replies.
  • Given that they have been saying since closed beta if not earlier that they will merge the shards it WOULD be nice to get some more specific reply. Even something as general as "We do not expect the merger until after the module is released and hope to have it by the end of the year" is better than "Soon (SM)"
  • >A high single target dps mage/warlock/ranger is going to be > a rogue as it is easier to survive from a distance than at ground zero.< Sorry but this doesn't follow at all. You are making the wholly unlikely assumption that the new class will do the same damage as a rogue and will have the same other benefits to a party…
  • I got the pack but I feel no need for any extra perks - I already got what I paid for. I hope you realize that cigarettes are bugged. Proof being there is a patch out for them.
  • Check the prices first. Normally plate is significantly cheaper than the other armor crafts. I got four plate blues and did the level 1 task for all my characters then gave it to spouse who did the same. Many extra slots for a reasonable cost especially since I could then sell the blues back.
  • The shortest time I've ever waited is 3 weeks - got a form response having nothing to do with the ticket. Worst customer service in the business. Vanguard is the best IMO - until I tried Neverwinter I would have said SWTOR was the worst but no more.
  • There may be hope. The ASPCA just sued PW to get them to feed the hamsters regularly. But they also want better working conditions for the poor things and that may reduce our FPS.
  • Yup - shard says it is offline <sigh<.
  • Before they changed the pack you could go to the claim NPC not far from Knox in the Enclave and get all the items. The AD was in a shared account visible at the bottom of the AD/Zen store window. Not sure if they broke that - good luck!
  • Try to mail it and you may get an option to unbind it. WARNING the option may be broken at least sometimes it takes your AD and leaves the pet bound.
  • Create a new character on their server. It takes a week or less to get to 60 and if you invoke and do some leadership the toonling will have enough AD for tier one and perhaps tier 2 by then.
  • The one from the founders pack cannot be mailed - I unbound a level one companion but it still wouldn't let me mail it. Used level 1 to test it out since the cost goes up rapidly with companion level.
  • The chances of success seem to be broken - they are looking into this. For the duration I'm not doing fusions over level 5.
  • Probably ranger probably this year probably not this summer (the module announced various new things but not a new race). But if probabilities work as reliably as for fusing enchantments I am probably off on all 3.
    in New Class? Comment by jaelithe July 2013
  • When you buy the pack items should be in the mail - if not the claim NPC not far from Sgt Knox gives them out. The zen is in your shared account - access it through the zen/astral diamond store and click to claim it.
  • But right now buying the specific asset you need on the AH is the way to go. By the way the asset packs aren't the only way to get green, blue or purple assets. A crafting pack that is a quest reward in the graveyard around level 28 sometimes gives those assets. Great zone it also gives the second free adventure storage…