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  • The first time she posted it didn't close it out, I was able to select the "no" option on whether it answered my question, second time it showed it as "accepted answer" without me even seeing it, that is not to say you are wront and this this forum software isn't the most screwed up I have dealt with...unfortunately…
  • And closing out the question when you are clearly in the wrong when the OP didn't accept the answer is just so screwed up!
  • It is happening on the main server not the preview server - maybe it was flagged wrong @nitocris83
  • Sorry it is a patch of 5378MB so almost 6 Gigs -
  • Having the same problem. Launching via ARC or straight from the desk - in both cases the game just closes or crashes when you click PLAY. Restarted and a new very small patch was pushed and the game was able to be opened. (1120 Mountain Daylight Time)
  • 148MB by my patch bar...So wonder what they patched that they were afraid to tell us about.... And when I logged in I got a quick chat box full of red error messages that quickly disappeared. Nice. Imathil
  • We have built the MM twice, once about a month ago and one on Tuesday this week. First time Dueling Cap and Happy Boots This time Guise of the Wolf Clan and Cannibal Headpiece. So we are not seeing the repeatability issue with the MM, but ours is a small sample set. Imathil GL Storm of the Phoenix
  • Oddly enough I got a Winter Wolf mount as my free gift today, perhaps there is a crafting recipe in the works to skin it and turn it into a bag of holding? Imathil
  • Following additional issues in River's Edge 1. Stencil Quest - Hidden Cache - Loot the Hidden Cache - I can interact with the buried chest "Press F to uncover cache" but once it is on the surface I can't interact with it to open it. Map location 1302,-895. Have done this quest a number of times and this is the first time I…
  • Agreed. We are back to having everyone log out of the SH, waiting a minute then relogging in.
  • 1. Reclaiming River District - on completion of the quest the quest tracker directs you to return to PRIVATE Hawthidon, it should be SARGENT Hawthidon. 2. Dig Sites - I have run across a number of dig sites that are not accessible - not locked out because of the timer but rather the Foreman's option to pay for a pass is…
  • I unlocked Gyrion and am seeing the same thing. Have done the Behind the Mask quest a number of times using portal stones from the Ritual task but still no weekly quest from Kavatos.
  • This appears to be a typical POORLY designed tool tip issue - the movement bonus is only activated (with a slight delay) once in combat and not during normal play.
  • From the patch notes... Stronghold: Elk Tribesmen no longer spawn as guards in the Stronghold Except they do and starting to see heroic encounter spawning issues again in SH.
  • A couple of the monsters in the new areas and a number of new and old bosses can see through stealth and some monsters will make a reactionary attack if hit from stealth. Which monsters and which areas are problematic?
  • The original intent as posted way back in the beginning was that you could level companions and then unbind them and sell them. That was quickly reneged in like the first month of game play. People reported it as a bug because you couldn't unbind them, the devs hemmed and hawed then said while we may have said unbinding…
  • I am seriously hoping they release it as a download mp3.
  • Additional source of weekly AD - they added one for Maze Engine - Ballad of Baphomet worth 4500 once you complete the entire boon tree.
  • From the patch notes Oathbound Paladins have been granted a Full Respec Yeah that didn't happen..nice (not). Edit - Appeared after about an hour online.
  • Seeing something similar When I try to log in I get the following which seems to be what some other people are seeing. Log in startup screen Cryptic Loading screen Neverwinter trademark screen then ablank Neverwinter log in screen background with a timeout error message. Then the login overlay shows up trying to relog via…
  • Feedback: Quest Howling Demons DC 70 IL 2540 Long ride to the upper part of the peak for the 2nd quest though you aren't drawing aggro on the way so that makes it easier. Didn't realize that the quest instance is shared so that made it pretty trivial when another player dropped in. Quest doesn't seem to stop the random…
  • Completed Howling through the Skyhold with level 70 DC iLVL 2540. General Feedback Was too easy, especially with a bunch of level 15 pirates. The final boss was a cake walk since Xuma (unlike every other NPC in the game) was able to keep his aggro while I burned him down. Didn't take a point of damage the entire run.
  • General Feedback Completed the first 3 chapters of the ME quest and got the Your Legend-Interlude one and then couldn't figure out how to proceed. It was not intuitively obvious to open the campaign tracker and complete the first boon to get the reward so you can progress in the quest. Either that needs to be specifically…
  • Exactly, I was hoping there would be some sort of Stronghold specific items (like a voucher) given by the Steward, especially since it is on a timer instead of just a one time thing.
  • Yeah not so much at my end either, but that seems to be normal for most patches.
  • Interesting approach...GCE but interesting anyway. Pretty much kills the Strongholds and in turn the guild structures. Especially since there has been a magnitude drop in value in what is obtained from lockboxes since the VIP program was implemented.
  • Some testing seems to indicate at as long as your first character in the list does not have an active invocation blessing they system will allow other characters to use them. -- Let TR (1st in list) invocation blessing expire Used blessing on 2nd character (CW) Used blessing on 1st character again while blessing was active…
  • Seeing the same thing. Also seeing either that GF, DC and HR can't actually use the invoke blessing you get in your inventory or that once one character uses it it is locked out for the rest. Shard is down so can't test it anymore.