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  • I have been experiencing very bad lags since the last patch (almost 2 GB). For e.g., at the character selection screen, it takes almost 15 seconds (if not longer) for the visual of the toon to appear. It normally takes just 2 to 3 seconds. And then, when my character is being loaded, I encounter frequent time-outs. When I…
  • @joebot#9387 I share the same sentiments as aerhythia#3255 and support the suggestion that the new artifact set should have an additional damage bonus of 2.5% against enemies that are not demons, devils and fiends. I would also like to suggest that a new "Braveheart" weapon set that has the same stats as the Lionheart set…
  • @noworries#8859 I would like to echo what fsf4live has suggested above. Increasing the Vengeance buff of Dreadnought from 20% to 30% is a relatively simple change and would not disrupt class balance by causing Dreadnought to suddenly outperform the top DPS classes. You can also make it clear that this is meant to be a…
  • @noworries#8859 I have a suggestion to address the doubts raised in this thread about the damage performance numbers that you have shared. From the data that you have collected, and only considering TOMM completions, you can identify the consistently top performing players of each DPS class. Why not invite them to a TOMM…
  • Or why not let all classes have 1 utility slot, 1 offensive slot, 1 defensive slot, and 2 offensive/defensive slots (that allow for the slotting of offense or defense companion bonus)? With this, you address the issue of certain DPS classes being penalized and also provide greater flexibility to players in building their…
  • These are very constructive and sensible ideas that I totally agree with and support. The developers had previously mentioned that they did not make changes to address the class balancing issue with DPS Fighter at the launch of Mod 17 as they wanted to collect more data. Given that it has been months since the release of…
  • These are all very constructive ideas that I fully agree with and support. In fact, a very quick and simple fix to attempt to address class balancing for DPS Fighters would be to increase the damage buff of vengeance from 20% to 30% as suggested in point 4 above.
  • I can appreciate the perspective that the pure DPS classes have about their disadvantage compared to dual role classes with DPS paragon. I can also appreciate the perspective that the dual role classes with DPS paragon have that they should be on par with pure DPS classes in terms of performance. One possible option that…