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  • Warlock - Dust to Dust The damage buff is broken too: 105% instead of 5% (Image) (16 int, 6 soul sparks) Warlock - Pillar of Power The damage buff is broken too: 110% instead of 10% (16 int) Healing - critical severity Healinging spells have the…
  • On my warlock it always deals 5% damage, maybe you can post a video on the bug report section and show how to reproduce it. 391,999 x 5% = 19,599.95 (Spoiler)
  • @schietindebux (Image) It's not 5% per second, it's 5% per tick, which is every 0.5sec but probably wai. Warlocks have the fastest resource regeneration, we had successful runs with warlock healers and think that they are viable in ToMM.
  • Hypothermia It would be nice if Hypthermia would work like this: Inside the Circle of the Hypothermia target: Everyone takes the same amount of damage (more players = less damage/player). Outside: No one takes damage. Right now it doesn't always w…
  • (Quote) I was saying, if everyone took a non crit for 60k damage and I took the same hit, but crit, then it would have dealt 50% more damage aka 90k. (60k x 150% = 90k) And I should have survived in that case. However I took massively more damage =&…
  • (Quote) I don't know who you are responding to, but yes, critical avoidance "only" reduces the chance to recieve critical hits. Critical hits deal 50% more damage than normal hits.
  • (Quote) Everyone else took ~60k damage, going off 50% critical severity a critical hit should deal ~90k damage, my warlock had >700k effective HP. Unless this attack benefits from significantly more Critical Severity, your suggestion makes no sen…
  • (Quote) Paladins were nerfed by roughly 50%, Divine Touch got nerfed from E_1=500magn/80div to E_2=350magn/100div. E_2/E_1 = 56% => reduction in effectiveness of 44%. Furthermore the Divinity gained from CoP was reduced from 300 to 120. However,…
  • Bug Hypothermia My warlock had 383k HP and 80k Defense, (she also had >350k shielded HP), I think she shouldn't have died in this situation: The arrows were not targeted at my warlock. Sadly I did not run the combatlog. (Image) (Image)
  • (Quote) Adding to this: Bug: Searing Chains If one of the 2 chained players dies before the chain brakes, the chain will disappear, but after the dead player revives both will get chained and damaged again. We had this happen a couple of times, I do…
  • Bug: Permafrost After getting caught in Permafrost the player will lose the +%Outgoing Healing bonus from his slotted companions, this way a healer will lose +40%/+50% which is a lot! The player will lose the stats from his summoned companion as we…
  • (Quote) It looks like you increased the damage dealt by enemies. In the case of the Legion Devil in Helms's Hold by 52%. This is his damage output on the live server, hitting for 1,382 and 638. (Image) This is on the mimic test server, where the…
  • @"ron#1747" Well, I'm not presenting a build, I broke down most of the important feats and powers. I present tables that show how stamina / divinity work and interact with certain powers. I also show interesting companion and mound bonuse…