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  • One should NOT be, Nor should one WANT TO BE defined by ones sexual preference. It does not define you nor should one allow it to define them. I am offended by your post.
  • I would check out Hammer of Exile, sounds exactly what your looking for. Lots of mid level players for you to run Dungeons with in the Guild. There is one rule though, No Stupid Names! http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?307251-Hammer-of-Exile-Beholder-A-Dwarven-Themed-Guild
  • If you are on Beholder I would recommend Hammer of Exile. http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?307251-Hammer-of-Exile-Beholder-A-Dwarven-Themed-Guild
  • Hammer of Exile. It is a Guild I started myself. I havent played in a week or so but when I did it seemed like it would be a perfect fit for you. I filled it with Founders and made another Guild Leader before I left, well I didn't leave, Just have RL stuff and like you mentioned, its only a video game. Got to take care of…
  • Well, an even better option and I should have mentioned it in my first response is www.meetup.com lol, NO it's not for singles!! Haha. I just clicked on Meetups, Typed Dungeons, Told it within in 5 miles of Dallas and got back over 800 People. 189 "Old School Players group" with the next meet up on June 14th and 645 Role…
  • They are not gone, they just don't Dungeon or if they do its with RL Friends and or a Guild.
  • Dragon is hard period. I don't care how many times you do it or how hardcore or casual you are. That is a HARD Dungeon! The rest aren't so bad as long as your gear score is appropriate.
  • Go to any Comic book store on a Weds Night. It will be full of friendly people that would be absolutely excited to introduce you to the real thing. Careful though, If you like it you may stop playing Video Games all together!
  • I have recently come to the conclusion that RP & Video Games is officially dead. Sure there are few here and there. Some refuse to call it quits and persevere with their RP Guilds or Sites trying to contribute. The truth is, as disparaging as it is...RP in Video Games is dead. There is no market for it, No support for it.…
  • Hey Gage3013! Just hit up any member you see, anyone can Invite you in! I'll send you an invite as soon as I get on if your not in yet.
  • Problem solved! Roll another toon! What if you pay for the Race Change then they "Fix" it? Then you will be upset about that!
  • It seems like such a low priority. Accounts are free, game is free. just roll the other race. If it took you 60 levels and a 9k Gear Score to figure out you didn't like the Race you chose then..well...you got bigger problems.
  • I'm not trying to argue but wouldn't you Astral Shield, the Healing Bastion, The Astral Shield, then Healing Bastion. Repeat, repeat, repeat? The just throw the other two heals in as often as possible? The Daily, Astral Shield, Healing Bastion, and the Regular heal that Stacks? Plus you tag everything.
  • Well then I hope they truly fixed the aggro cause as it stands, even in Astral Shield there are some Mobs in those Dungeons that take 20% of my Health per hit and I have a 9.4k Gear Score. Moradin knows we can't heal ourselves! Hehehe, watch , the new Dungeon make up will include 3 Clerics now :) so we can heal each other.
  • I haven;t tried it yet but from what I have read it seems like I will be able to just alternate between Astral Shield and Bastion and keep a good constant flow of health pouring onto the group. I'm glad I have Bastion maxed out, cause It seems like if you didn't put anything into it you may HAVE to Respec or you won't be a…
  • MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online. If I wanted 5-10 Multiplayer I would play on my XBOX.
    in Raids Comment by glannigan June 2013
  • Why don't you try it before you freak out? It's not like your going to be pitted against some hardcore PVP Team, chances are you will be pitted against a team just like you that hates it too. It might be fun. Its just a little battle, sheeesh. 50% Chance you can be afk for the whole ting and your team will still win.…
  • The only Update I am interested is the one that puts us all on the same Server!!!!! I hate being separated from my brethren.
  • Girls don't play Video Games.
  • Castle Never The First Team that clears this Dungeon receives 50 Keys! Must be all In Guild, No Outside Help/PUG Post the Screen Shot here to win your prize!
  • I have probably spent about $200 bucks. $50.00 on myself and the rest on Guild Give away/Prizes, Corny stuff like that for others.
  • 1. The Server Merger - Sooner than later. 2. The not being able to replace people in Dungeons. 3. Is in game Voice Chat broken or is it just that no one uses it?
  • What is your character name? I will send you an Invite and you can hop in and get a feel for things. No contracts here! Not sure where you are located but currently we are about 50% Euro / 50% North America. We have about 12 Members that can do every Dungeon but Castle. Euro play time can easily Dungeon 100% In Guild at…
  • The Lore We are the Descendants of the Clan DeepStone. Our leader Sotrin DeepStone was once a dwarf of great influence. Our forges burned hot and produced some of the finest steel Faerun has seen. His leadership was benevolent and grand. Our people cannot recall a time when we prospered more. The other dwarves of the…
  • New Members Welcome new members! please take a moment to review the Guild Info Tab. (Top Tool Bar Shield Icon). This will tell you what were about and see if you think it will be a good fit for you! Although we are primarily a Dwarven guild it is ok if you are not one. A little variety is good and things would get stale if…
  • You keep reading it because it is true and stated in several of the Books that it is not designed for that. Wizard that can fly and cast a fire balls and teleport. or a dude with a sword..... Of course situations would occur where players would go at it here or there via the DM's discretion but the Classes are not made for…
  • I suppose so...but now that I am End Game everyone wants me (Cleric) and no one wants Rogue...so I am totally cool with that. Seriously I intentionally did not roll a rogue because I knew they were going to be a dime a dozen and there would be zero demand for them. Don't get me wrong, demand is there. You NEED a Rogue it's…
  • Don't Nerf or Buff anyone. PVP is never , ever going to have any Class Vs Class balance so don't put a bunch of time and wasted resources even attempting such a ridiculous thing. There is a reason PVP was never in DND!!! It's not balanced! You want balance, make a Balanced TEAM! If your class is the weaksauce and not…