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  • It's not logic, it's fact. You have next to nothing to do in this game but grind up your enchants and gear. Even on PC with more content, the goal is the same.
  • Artifacts/arti gear and enchants are about 80% of your end game progression. If you Make that faster then what keeps you grinding and spending money?
  • He has it down pretty good for pve. My build is for PvP so there are a number of differences. I personally built my TR to never ever leave stealth. It's a fun build, but not for everyone. It takes planning and patience.
  • I'm not going to give my build out, but what I can say is you have a lot of stuff in the wrong place. Get the mind set of how to get into and stay stealthed. That's your main focus.
  • The off hand comes from tiamat. That's it that's all. You are mistaken if u say otherwise. Take it from us PC players.
  • I gots me some rubber boots so I don't get shocked. That and I keep a safe distance from it. Daggers from a mile away.
  • I just want capture the flag. Let my perma stealth abilities soar ;) -Fappy-
  • Comparing one games version of a rogue to another isn't a logical or functional way to try and fix a class. You are playing THIS game currently, so I would recommend learning to adapt your play style. I am not trying to sound like a ******, but if you can't get around the different variables of this games mechanics then go…
  • Dodging the smoke bomb can save you from the stun, but not the free stealth bar from one with shadows. Ultimately that's all I care about. -Fappy Gilmore-
  • I kill every mimic I see because I want to get my Mimic Slayer title. That's the best one in the game......
  • Saboteur tr will still permanent stealth. Look at pc forums, people are Pissed the reveal is gone. Long live perma stealth. Us pc NW players will always hold out as annoyances. Age and wisdom kind of thing. -Fappy Gilmore-
  • perma stealth for lyfe
  • It's ok because u do SO well at pvp ;)
  • Yo miz. You get there from queue, not travel. Now go in and get money. -Fappy-
  • Psst. U know u wanna run wicked, you, peacelaced, solos, and.....me. troll comp.
  • Keep at it. The loot will change, it's just random. I've hit Dragon gem, draconic off hand and helm in one run before.
  • I would rather have our competitors on my team than some scrubby randoms.
    in Gwf Comment by geltab May 2015
  • It's from the tiamat fight. We won't get that content for a while. If u thought one Dragon was laggy, try fighting five at once.
  • Don't hate me. Im just doing my job. Holler at me if you wanna play. There are times when everyone is sleeping and I might wanna PvP. gt Fappy Gillmore
    in Gwf Comment by geltab April 2015
  • I'm leveling my JC up, but I cannot find any purple assets. Did you get them from boxes off zen store? On PC it was easier to make for sure.
  • Count me in on the Rekt vs. Tenacity premade.....Your home point isn't safe ;) Fappy Gilmore - Rekt
    in Gwf Comment by geltab April 2015
  • You are correct, anyone can back cap and hold it. I have done it many times on my combat HR back in the mod 4 days of PC. TR do it better because that is what they are supposed to do in pvp. Their sole purpose is to back cap and hold it against all odds. In a true premade situation (high end pvp), other classes handle mid…
  • I don't score the highest on my team, but I do secure the win for us by back capping. When I hold down the back cap against 2, 3, sometimes 4 people, it gets tricky. There is skill involved in knowing how to engage your targets and prioritize your threats, all the while dodging multiple targets. Did I mention you do all of…
  • I average appx. 10 mil per dungeon. If we wipe its more like 14-15 mil.
  • I always play objectives and stay on the back cap, so low kills for me. :(
  • No, it wasn't soulforged. You tried to kill the highlander. U have to cut his head off to kill em. Remember, there can be only one.
  • A good impact shot + smoke bomb into a synchronized dual shocking execution should knock a dc out of their DR AOE, stun/slow them, then instant gib. 2 well timed TR can make waste of a DC easy (not to mention would look awesome). Then, you just rinse and repeat on the 2nd one.
  • Yes, a good 5v5 is always welcomed. Pug stomping holds a certain joy, but true battle is always the best. :D Fappy Gilmore - Rekt
  • The hit and run trs are exec. Spec. A sabateur tr will stay on point contesting it in perma stealth. U can control and occupy the whole team that way. It's a huge tactical advantage for your team.
  • On Xbox I am a TR, but on PC I main HR with 23k GS. I have had my fair share of a$$ beatings by TR. On the opposite side of things I have taken out many of TR, too. You have to learn to fight them and get tanky.