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  • On the topic on PvP queue, I'll repeat what I had mentioned in the past. PvP queue should be composed of the following tiers: Tier 1: premade of 5 Tier 2: premade of 4 + 1 solo Tier 3: premade of 3 + premade of 2 Tier 4: premade of 3 + 2 solo Tier 5: 2 premade of 2 + 1 solo Tier 6: premade of 2 + 3 solo Tier 7: All 5 solo…
  • I believe the most dangerous idea presented here would be to separate PvP balance from PvE. I have mentioned many times in the past : I believe PvP to be a invaluable tool for balancing PvE as I have seen too many times in other games that the strongest PvP class is usually usually also the strongest PvE class. Overpowered…
  • Feedback Overview Treasure chests with actual rewards. No such thing as junk from chests. Feedback Goal Move away from lockboxes and keys. Anything that you can get in the game should be rewarded from playing the game, upon successfully completing contents, and opening treasure chests. Feedback Functionality Having a…
  • You have on your hand a show stopper with the cleric's encounter and daily nerf. First thing first: Reduce divinity cost by half and increase the divinity regen/gain 3x. If I'm not mistaken, tab should regen divinity? Doesn't appear to be working. However if the sole purpose is to manually convert fire pips gained from…
  • wrong post. please delete.
  • TR ascended to PvP godhood on Mod 6. True there have been numerous attempts to nerf TR since Mod 6 but those nerfs were too often accompanied with buffs to other feats/encounters/dailies in order to compensate for taking away those broken nukes handed to TR (nukes that should not have been granted to TR in the first place)…
  • I was going to make a post about it too. Yeah, there appear to be missing recipes for armors for Hunter Ranger. Just search 'hide' and compare it with 'skin'.
  • Make Punishing Light and Soothing Light to hit multiple targets and you will see more people using them. Don't think one can see much use of these even after the "buffs" change.
  • The quest to speak to NPC in Protector Enclave regarding Companion cannot be completed.
  • I hope once this go live, characters with maxed crafts will not get this same bug and be stuck in Tutorial forever and be unable to work on workshop. Maybe provide an option to skip the tutorial? Or rather than converting existing level 25 to new 70, convert to new level 69?
  • Belts from Leather are wearable at level 10 irregardless of item level. Ticket #4762378 Delivery Box is still bugged after deleting and recopying over from live server. I have nothing queued on live and taking item from Delivery Box still do not complete the Tutorial.
  • Same, only see Bolden Coarsca is standing there instead. Ticket #4761616
  • Better stat should be displayed in Green whereas worst stat should be in Red. Hence +comm% should be in Red, -comm% should be in Green; +speed% should be in Green, -speed% should be in Red. That will make it easier to dismiss Artisan who has both stats in Red.
  • Same here, I was doing Heroic Encounters in Icewind Pass and were unable to Claim Reward on both my DC and GF. Same error message about some unique item. Ticket #4760152
  • The new recipe "Bronze Leg Guards" under Armor creates a Rare (blue) level 10 boots which is only Item Level 33. The quest "Sewer Crawl" rewards a Uncommon (green) level 8 boots which is Item Level 39. The Item Level of crafted gears are too low to be worthwhile.
  • Are dyes craftable? Many recipes from weapon and artificing are bind on pickup rather than unbound.
  • With this profession overhaul, can we have the ability to dismantle old gears to learn them as transmute recipe? It would be nice to craft old gears as transmutes. I'm particularly interested in turning Morlanth's Shroud and Black Ice Boots to transmute recipes.
  • Same, created a fresh character on Preview and level it to level 10. Still see the quest that introduce Profession at level 10 being "A True Professional" rather than "A Workshop Opportunity"? At what character level is "A Workshop Opportunity" available to player?
  • Quest: Running A Workshop Stuck stage: Take Your Item From The Delivery Box Collecting Items (through double clicking or the Collect All button) from Delivery Box do not trigger completion ticket #4759942
  • Quest: Running A Workshop Stuck stage: Order an Item at the Dispatch Board The craft button is disabled because "Your delivery box is full" Can't interact with the delivery box to clear it. ticket #4759673
  • Btw what is going to happen to event related professions like Summer Provisioning? Any change to the reward from Level 10 quest "A True Professional", what is the reward? Any impact to lockbox? Any changes to titles?
  • What does the Artisan's Commission Multiplier and Speed Multiplier do? Is higher value better/worst? What's the cooldown for new Artisan application?
  • Same here, dismissed the Artisans because they were level 1. Thought I could replace them with my old epic craftsmens from previous (similar) professions. So how go I go about hiring Artisans back in the tutorial?
  • Same here. Ticket ID 118220314.
  • Exactly. The point is to slow the refinement process and not halt it altogether and only reward those clicking the button manually. You want player to spend ADs willingly. I already suggested using ADs for rerolling chest and also spending ADs to unbind items in chest (balanced by different refinement cost and upgrade…
  • How about once the 100K rAD has been refined, there is an cooldown of 3hrs before that account can refine another 100k. Once that has been hitted as well, the account can only refine the next 100K after 4hrs. And after that 5hrs cooldown etc.
  • Introduce a weekly personal wealth tax. At the start of each week, for accounts that possess between 40million to 50million ADs, they need to accept 1% deduction (can be deducted from rADs) to their ADs before they are allowed to use the Zax, Auction House, send mails, queue, or else their UI is grayed out. For accounts…
  • Control how fast the AD made from a trade/transaction, is re-introduced back into the economy, based on the quantities of AD transacted. So for any item transacted between 0 to 200K ADs range, the seller will receive up to the full 200K immediately. However, if the item was sold between 200K to 400K ADs, seller only…
  • Let's assume Player A had 1 account and only 1 character, Player B had 1 account but 8 characters. Both spent exactly 5 hours in game daily doing quests and salvaging, invoking. Both earned exactly 60K rAD each per account. Yet player B had more AD (and probably more wards) refined than player A just on day 1. Multiply…
  • The Zax exchange cap should definitely remain at the present cap of 500AD. However you can introduce a mechanism in Zax to subsidize or top up the AD earned by zen seller as long as that zen was originally bought using cash and not through AD. The real question is why player feel the need to hoard those ADs and why they…