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  • > @asterdahl said: > At first I was so excited about this new mod. but now I find the Cleric too easy to play. No skill or thought is really needed to and I personally feel this game had taken a back step for AC DC (sound like all classes and the method of playing) In my opinion my 5 year old granddaughter could play the…
  • Is there any change coming soon to allow mounts from characters already bound to be swapped with other characters? I feel no need to maintain my dps class anymore and wish to only play healer at this point.
  • Is it at all possible to make channeling Astral shield not root you in place? Maybe include that in the feat to that allows you to channel divinity while moving?
  • I know it's a laughable set now but earthen set lower the damage you take Also the Valhalla set? Just curious. I wanna know what's the maximum amount of tankiness one can achieve. It'll be good for something like hc cr
  • Agree with artifleur. The only time you'll use it over thorn ward over commanding shot is if you have a dps gf in party as the temp hp is a buff to said guardian fighter's damage.
  • I'd like to redact my statement on storm step action and find it useful for single target in situations you can't use sv. It's actually pretty good better than blade storm on single target. Even if you're already in a group that lowers encounter cooldowns it is still far more useful to use storm step action than blade…
  • We're one of the highest buffing classes now after the changes. Our damage increased dramatically on aoe where blade storm and twin blade storm is viable. Blade storm isn't as good as people say but in situations where it's useful it does do great damage. Read the tbs vs bs post for more. Our single target is good but not…
  • Awesome! Ty bro. This has been very educational
  • @rjc9000! Thank you again for posting this bro! I really appreciate it. I've been experimenting more with twin blade and find it is indeed better except for situations like sp pulls. I even experiment and use both tbs and bs and allow other classes like tank to give ca or I just position myself better if I can. This gives…
  • Lol. Be careful because T Series is coming for you. Just realized I read that backwards Thought you meant pewdiepie
  • I didn't call for a sneak nerf. I called for a slight buff. I was only speaking for combatalone when I said that about the at wills. When combat was first revamped flurry used to proc immediately instead of after encounter. That meant that part of that 2 seconds was used up immediately because of how long the encounter…
  • It's obvious that they don't want pathfinder to be a damage dealing paragon anymore. It makes sense to only ask for changes to storm warden. Maybe in mod 16 they'll revive the storm warden trapper again That'll be a nice blast from the past
  • @ibemin0x are you capable of reading at a fifth grade level minimum? Do you perhaps have some trouble just comprehending what was said? If so I have a free account at skillshare that might be of use to you, if they have those sort of classes... Enough of the negativity, you get the point I already said that I like the…
  • Also another suggestion is to make aimed strikes individual ticks adjust to buffs and not to fixed damage to buffs at the time of use. This alone would make it more useful for single target damage I'm sorry for constantly posting about this but I feel I need to. You gave us great aoe damage which is cool but single target…
  • Also please change storm step action. I cannot think of any reason to use this power. It's effect is something that could maybe be used in early leveling or for an archery build But even then it's not good at all. Our daily powers are so terrible (damage wise) that there is no reason to use this. The dailies are great for…
  • @nitocris83 @"balanced#2849" In the hopes that you guys are still reading this, I have to say I like the changes to combat hr. The only issue I have is single target. In combat with mobs we have the options of using both split strike and clear the ground for damage depending on the situation. On single target it is mostly…
  • I hope it works I'll test later on preview I guess.
  • Was testing it today for pve. The stacks build up fast but the damage is still so low. Both the hybrid and full archery builds are atrocities. The only good thing I can say about is was when doing small test runs in cn, I could melt orcus in a few shots. Also even when I moved around in combat, many times stillness in the…
  • Please fix careful attack. Without this hrs really only have one eligible dps build and that's very not fun. There's more to hr that combat and buffing
  • Only thing I ask is that they boost storm step action a bit more. Give it movement speed as well and it'll be usable. In neither the current or new form I see no use for it at all, especially in end game The nerf to trapper sucks but it's not too bad. Imo I think combat and trapper will be tied for damage in the next mod,…
  • Combat for the win homie.
  • I love playing melee ever sobe they made it viable. It feels like an offshot tr but powerful. It's refreshing from the usual trapper playstyle. By tricks if you mean can it throw knives the answer is no. Not sure what other tricks would be possible other than pure damage.
  • Bug: If I remember right the hunter ranger's at will aimed shot doesn't have the correct level weapon damage based on stance.
  • @pjohnny1 archery's damage is so bad you can't afford to slot lone wolf or pathfinder's action. Besides deflection is statistically worse to have than defense anyway. So that 3% from the feats is useless. Same goes for each 0.5% from dex. Deflection is better used on the other builds.
  • HR archery has no defensive feats. The only one that might be considered is the hasty retreat movement bonus but you have to get hit so it's not even worth using.
  • Careful attack now procs weapon enchantments
  • It was fun to dot a class down and as they try to run away cast prophecy of doom on them and watch them die later. Hopefully that will be back soon