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  • My rouge: Lady Earlina [email protected] there are 2 of her on preview atm one of them hasn't started dragonslayer yet and is still in TDV (Lady Earlina Grey 1) the one I did it on is in PE
  • I agree this is a great summury of threat in the game.. I think what an updated NWO HUD needs for Sentinel,Palladin and Fighter tank mode is digital VU meter style display addition, replacing the current red /green pill above our charname (probably just 2; one for a combined team/group/party threat level and one for the…
  • after the smaller preview patch today, I started another char and they recieved 1 dragon scale after the Smerdiuk intro hunt but I did a 9th hunt on the char that I was unabe to get any scales on and they still didn't get one after killing a dragon (not that it matters if its fixed) anyway quick work sorting this. nj
  • The dragon scales can only be obtained by one character on the account ie. I started the campaign on one character, killed 2 young dragons, got to rank 2 and collected 3 scales then changed to another class and killed 8 , got to rank 8 and have collected ZERO dragon scales. can someone confirm this and can we find out if…
  • I noticed that 2 recently bought mythic insignias from the zen choice pack (barbed brutality) do actually stack with each other while others ( I have 3x enlightened brutality (same bind status)) that can not be stacked. This was reported several times from the test server as mod 22 went live.. It seems to me that each item…
  • Agree I have taken to using midnight cowl to try and mitigate this a little
  • ok, I have been told comps don't add to the players threat level, so sorry if that seemed like a dumb question I would be curious at just how much threat mirage clones add to the threat dynamics in a dungeon. just from casual observation I would say they do effect it somewhat..
  • Thanks for the replies.. I think there needs to be more discussion and a bit more transperancy about how agro is gained by individual players in a group in a dungeon and why the threat generating mechanics that that tanks have are so weak. ie. I would like to know ; how much do healer and dps companions contribute to their…
  • Known Issues from Launch - Remaining Character Art Visuals Ancient Scalebreaker’s Barbute is incorrectly invisible on male dragonborn characters. Login Screen [PC only] If players are logged in through Epic or Steam, returning to the login screen closes the game client. Queues Players accepting a Random queue requester are…
  • This also happens with RTQ a lot. Try asking all the players queueing to leave dragonbone vale.. there seems to be something about being in that area that is causing it. Also changing your loadout at a fire in TDV will bug out your grapple and you will need to leave the area and come back to fix it. I wonder if there may…
  • good post.. item ID of course. that explains it much better and why nothing much has ever been done about it. that would be a big job to fix
  • Thanks for the reply, any news on this?
  • In response to a recent thread on this subject... currently no insignias (and other items) of the same type and bind status will stack .. not just insignias from the new lockbox. @nitocris83
  • Indeed, for years there have been problems with many stackable items of the same type and bind staus that can not be stacked with each other like you say, I can only guess there is somewhere in the code for every file a flag that maybe over time became obsolete, that exists on some older files but not new versions of the…
  • It can happen because of switching loadouts as I reported yesterday.* if you switch back to the loadout from the one not currently working you will find the gapple works again leave dragonborn vale and go to strongholds or PE and then switch loadouts and return, it should fix it *
  • Ok I struck this, it is caused by switching loadouts and perhaps doing a queue as well and coming back to dbv and switching loadouts again. After doing that it caused the grapple icon above the belt to go blood red and aiming at a green grapple point gave an error of 'unable to use this power' or something to that effect.…
  • Excuse me but after getting the latest preview patch and copying a fresh character over, this problem with artifact weapon modifications being locked has still not been addressed .It is not in the known issues list of these patch notes and to get this on top of years of upgrading being converted to new items of lesser…
  • Hi there I updated some of the info on our guild from page 1 hope its ok to leave it here.
  • I can confirm that HEART OF FIRE ENCHANTMENT and Lifedrinker do not register at the exchange.
  • I am being told to only post about this here can anyone tell us if our current weapon modifications will be reset with the new mod? if you have done the grind for the new weapon set from the campaign store in drangonbone vale and equipped them, you may note there are no artifact weapon modifications available at all. so…
  • Currently on preview stronghold overload 'mark of the fey ward' does not list in the available overloads
  • I looked everywhere for the mod 22 feedback thread .. I guess it got bloated and closed. can I get this moved to the right forum then?
  • I would like to know if it is an issue with copying over chars from live or something to do with all the slots going missing in the new mod
  • So as far as we know all of our current artifact weapons will have their modifications reset and locked when next mod goes live?
  • I clearly stated 'when you get to preview' so yes mod 22 .This is a huge issue for me and I suspect many in the player community.. this preview business is new to me but I have been in the game since 2014 often relying on info coming from players that run the new mods before they arrive for info on what is happening with…
  • Lifedrinker enchantment is still not redeemable for tokens for ones above r10 what is the story here? lifesteal being made obsolete after the last refinement/combat rework might have something to do with it? many were still using/selling /buying/upgrading these in the time since. please remember people have put coalecent…
  • I worked out this overload enchantment dialog was about, it was empty ; ie. out of combat time 00:00:00 instead of just disappearing ,it stayed in the slot giving this refil dialog: these are still going into the inventory but giving no extra supply vouchers if you open one reminicent of the zariel favor that went into the…
  • It seems some overload enchantments want to be empowered by some non-existent substance when collecting a heroic reward these go into the inventory but you get no supply vouchers added to your total when you open them
  • Quest: Grim revelation.. problem sorted I should have read the story better.. and the points were on the map .
  • where is the location of this store?