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  • Yep. I forgot to mention the horrifying levels of lag this morning. The rubber banding was so bad it carried vorpal levels of whiplash.
  • US here. Was signed in this morning, got DC'd while running around Ebon Downs doing Tyranny of Dragons stuff. Managed to sign in, but my quest line was bugged all to heck. Logged off and cannot log back in. This is wonky as heck.
  • Are there plans to add a Malevolent Gazebo? If not, why not? (You know you want to do it.)
  • Last time I checked, sorting in game was still horribly broken. I'll sign in today and verify.
  • For the love of all that is holy Do NOT simply equip anything that says Recommended. That feature is so broken it's not even funny. It frequently recommends gear that has stats way below the stuff I currently have equipped. Further, it ignores one of your rings and your off-hand weapon. BAD, BAD, BAD advice. Always compare…
  • This assumes that the sorting has been fixed in the in-game AH. Has it? (Ignore me, if you're talking about the Gateway.)
  • This would be a nice-to-have feature, tho. It would greatly assuage my impulse-buying habits.
  • https://gateway.playneverwinter.com
  • In no specific order: 1. Need/Greed (which, as I understand it, is being worked on). 2. Allow us to email funds (Gold and AD) to our alts. Using the market is cumbersome and non-obvious. 3. Where the hell is my account bank?! 4. GF blocking/agro. 5. Cleric agro. 6. Power fixes. 7. Mission pathing wonkiness. (The glowy…
  • So, this leads me back to my original question. What is the justification for this lack of built-in functionality? Why can't we transfer funds between toons (even across servers) via email or an account bank? I'm fairly certain they have a reason (even if it is fairly absurd). I'd just like to know what it is. Almost every…
  • Does this technique work cross servers? After following your advice, I can see that the exchange balance is non-zero on Dragon, but on Mindflayer it's zero.
  • Isn't there a danger that someone will actually purchase the diamonds at that rate, though?
  • It makes perfect sense, if you consider that the current OBT servers will become the live servers.
  • Back in my COH days, they had silly name filters implemented. We found out that the silliest words were filtered because they were "vulgar" in some obscure foreign language (to which the game was never ported!). Enforced name filters are bad, m'kay?
  • I'm viewing the forums in threaded view. You seem to be under the impression that I was replying to you, and I wasn't.
  • This is a game that features death, the undead, hacking people to bits with swords and knives, people burning to death, war, people dying on a massive scale, explosives, impalings, electrocutions, acid baths, chemical weapons, orcs making sausages from human entrails, people running around scantily clad, and you're worried…
  • Yeah, I would have thought so, too. But, again, I'm not privy to how their servers are configured, or what information is in the AH database. Typically, the user information is in one server, and the auction data is in another. They'd have to be able to get the list of user ID's from the one server, build the script and…
  • I understand that we can purchase bags in the Zen store, but I'd like to see a compromise somewhere. I'd like to see really high-capacity bags on the Zen store (and in the market), but it'd be nice if we could find a small bag vendor in Protector's Enclave, selling bags with only 4-8 slots. These bags we could purchase for…
  • So much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Let's just simplify loot. I mean, really, really simplify it. * Get rid of BOE and BOP. Seriously. What good does either mechanic really serve? Getting rid of the BOx mechanic will allow loot to be freely traded or sold on the market. It might even have a positive impact on market…
  • Deleted [replied to wrong poster]
  • I suspect that the clock was intentionally not rolled forward. I suspect it was not an act of negligence or ineptitude, but a deliberate, thought out decision, in order to clear the market of items that were for sale by banned players who had obtained those items through exploits. Certainly, some players would be…
  • No, this is incorrect. One thing that changes after the beta ends is the frequency with which updates to the game are released. During the beta period, it's not uncommon to receive patches on an almost daily basis as defects are identified and addressed. Once the product achieves "Release" status, it goes into a far more…
  • I don't believe I'm nitpicking. It has been said repeatedly by many users on this forum that the game is not a beta specifically because they will not wipe the character data. A perusal of this thread, and others like it, will bear that out. I was merely trying to point out the fallacy of that argument.
  • Thank you. These are all excellent definitions. I noticed that mandatory data wipe was mentioned in none of those definitions.
  • Find me a single formal definition of "beta test" where it specifically and explicitly states that a data wipe is required at the end of the release. Further, find me a single, formal definition of "gold release" where it states specifically that the software will be released using a clean database. I have yet to see one.…
  • Your lack of experience with the phenomenon does not mean that it has never occurred before. What would you have them do? Leave the exploiters free to continue to abuse the game? Allow them to continue to find new ways to abuse the systems into the final, released version? They know who these people are. The software is a…
  • The irony in this statement is overwhelming.
  • I haven't done many dungeons, so bear with me. How often is this an issue? Are there that many scenarios where ledges are an issue? On the one CW I have (approaching level 30), most of my abilities are ranged, and don't involve KB (except for shield and repel) and I prefer (as a rule) to stay back and knock foes toward the…
  • As someone who works in software development, creating large business systems, I cannot stress how important this statement is. Complex systems require rigorous testing by large user bases. And games are enormously complex, typically orders of magnitude more complex than your typical business system. During the development…