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  • unable to connect to the update server. Is Neverwinter still down? Anyone know? :) thanks
  • This company has done what it set out to do... take our money. If you expect that this game will ever be good again, then your wrong. Cause in my honest opinion, the only thing that could save this game would be for it to shut down completely, fix **** that should have been fixed and working correctly before "RELEASE" and…
  • See this whole Dungeon Delve is a bad idea imo. How many people run dungeons when it isnt a DD, not many from what I can tell on Dragon server. My guild doesnt even want to run unless its DD, hell half the time people dont even log in until it is DD. Why you ask, cause most of the time if not all of the time you get ****…
  • It kinda saddens me to see Ell not wanting to stream NW anymore. I was one of his early supporters donations and subscription wise. I had hoped NW would turn into something interesting to watch and play, but so far neither have become true. Well playing it was fun for the 1st 2-3 chars to 60, but once you get 60 the game…
  • I for one am disappointed at the fact they put timers on when GG can be run.. this in fact has caused me to lose interest.. Lemme redo my entire day so I can be logged in to do a event that from what I can tell is not worth a sheet. Unimaginative is a understatement with this so called expansion/patch.
  • So long as we have individuals that support this game model(which there will always be these people). We will never have a sub, but realistically, you can already pay a sub, use only 20$ a month on the game, them bam you have your monthly fee. I myself feel the game has to many flaws still to be worth money. Our ingame…
  • What am I doing while I wait? I am *****ing about how long it is taking on the forums.
  • So is everyone glad to see what our money has been going towards? It must be covering their salaries quite well, but seems they forgot to use any of it to upgrade the internet connection so now we are all stuck like chuck with the AOL download speeds.
  • I think it is funny how companies hide behind this veil of open beta bull****, it seems to fool the whole planet now days.
  • well all we can do now is sit and wait, come home from work to play a little before bed only to get on and see that once again someone has found epic flaws with this game that have caused it to be taken down. When you say we are not going to do a wipe when it goes live, you make this statement under the assumption that…
  • I am glad that I spent money on this open beta, it has taught me a valuable lesson.. Play the game first to see if it worth spending money on. I agree with this poster on the whole there needs to be a wipe. I also agree that if there is no wipe I too will be calling up my bank to get my eighty dollars back. Anyways, keep…
  • Bump, really want this to be seen and hopefully heard!
  • Sorry, honestly Ive spent all the money Im going to spend, mostly cause thus far I am not satisfied with the product right now, not quitting, but not spending anymore either.
  • I hope people tear this post to shreds.. I mean ok charge for some things to get the game going, but what they are doing is pure ****ing greed, but im cool with it cause all I can do is pray for em, but if your gonna be greedy, fk go all out, give me what I want.. I like the game and cant help it is run by these pricks.
  • This game is suppose to be single player too, it is at the players choice.. I dont want to group.. maybe I like being a lone wolf, this is a ROLE PLAYING GAME ISNT IT? I know it is all about the money, so ok im all about my money too, so can I PLEASE get a lvl 30 healbot in the zen shop so I can waste my money and be…
  • Free to play, cannot get to upset about that. I have a bright side to this game, yes I spent little over 80$ on this game, it has taught me that for just 80$ you can learn what not to spend your money on.. you dont have to spend money on this game anymore pretty much everything you can possibly need will be right there in…
  • when are you going to turn on the companion upgrade books, my free companion is stuck at rank 15, and the companion I actually spent REAL money for is stuck at rank 20.. I personally have spent 60$ us on this game, why im not quite sure yet, has great promise I suppose, but I am kinda scared that it is being managed by PWE…
  • This is why potheads shouldnt be nerds