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  • @lorun2009 belive me...after three years of playing and testing, i know what i'm doing and i know the potential of my char. But that is not the point. We are DPS and i don't want to get reduced to an add in for tier 3 to buff the holy GWFs
  • Ohh.... Scourge Warlock / Hellbringer = healer? When choosing a class I wanted a DPS and not a healer. Is my opinion. For healing and support, there are other classes.
  • On the whole, the SW is probably a lame duck compared to other DPS classes. Too bad that we take it that way. The TRs scream until they get their point. Nice that we have several options (damnation, etc.), but overall, it brings nothing. I would have liked, the SW is pushed forward times.
  • The increase of some powers in nice, sure...but doesn't change the situation, to get reduced to a buffer in tier 3. Hell yea...we are DDs, give us this role back Sadly now they take one of our few AoE powers by nerfing curse synergy on FB Is Hellish Rebuke bugged on Preview? Just get nearly 25% damage.
  • The winners are the GWFS. The only damage class that does the damage. The TR were overpowered in Mod 14. The warlocks were never so strong and therefore you can barely reduce anything. It is a pity that a DPS class should settle for buff. The new changes make it a little weaker again :-( Why? Instead of pushing him up,…
  • Why is Hellish Rebuke declined? :o 10k damage instead of 40k damage. Many Powers and Talens have no or very low Critical Strike chance. (Murderous Flames, creeping death etc.) The weapon damage from the weapon enchantment is even worse. There are too few trigger.....
  • I ran with Tracker(ACT) and found that Combat Advantage is no longer possible. Will be triggered to 0%. Please fix the Bug. The weapon enchantment (Weapon Damage) is even worse than before?