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  • Gearscore has no effect on the type of player someone his so it is a useless stat anyway. Of course this game is one of those games made to keep skill at a equal level, some where in gaming history people thought it was unfair to make skill based games because casuals couldn't complete the games. Really ruining games with…
  • LOL...They make a PvP/PVE dungeon and make it guild only...Guess they have no idea what makes PvP dungeons awesome in other games. Not to mention there are NO good PvP guilds or clans across any game since Shadowbane. Just a bunch of COD kiddies!
  • Maybe they shouldn't have so many loading screens and a world to play in.
  • Who even uses a mount in this game not like you have a world to play in. OMG I have to run across a small zoned instance for 5min wish I had a mount so I could ride across in 4min. LOL!!!!! Gamers today suck!
  • Exploits all over this game that larger guilds farm over and over all the time. Don't worry no one actually cares about fixing it.
  • Nope nerf the xp if PnP leveled this fast the first scenario all the players would me max level. No one would play PnP if that was the case and it holds for online games also. You make boring games people won't keep playing them. Unchallenging fast leveling games = ****ing a boring game!
  • Don't blame the devs it is the gamers that choose this type of gameplay. Ever since WOW and casuals gamers we have been given <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> including not exciting scripted boss fights, even in raids, that all you pansies think are so epic to fight. If only real gaming would come back to the world.
  • So when is this patch. I might actually log back on if they are rebalancing the classes since my favorite classes are useless in its current state.
  • I am sure a lot have quit after that since there was already enough issues with the game not even being addressed.
  • First thing that needs to be fixed is class balance until that time nothing else matters and the game isn't worth playing!
  • Probably already to late for this. They don't appear to want to fix the game or care about fixing the game. GW2 took out Healers, NW took out melees. I stopped playing and I stopped spending money, a large sum for games, until there is a fix. I am sure there is more than just myself that has done this.
  • Yes the solo leveling of the two melee classes are great and what the other 3 classes should be nerfed down too for the experience. However, tanking isn't an option since AC doesn't mean a thing in this game. When you got 30+ AC most hits should be missing you so you can tank not drop as fast as a CW who pulled all the…
  • If it was for my cancer I would rather playtest D&D Next than play NW and that is about the worst PnP idea ever made. Of course I would just play Pathfinder. These MMOs are so far from being anything like a RPG now days that they are not even worth playing but the community loved action adventures that they call MMOs. Been…
  • I enjoy the game myself until a CW or DC come by and one shot a group of mobs that I have to work at to kill while eating pots and realize how broken AC and damage migration is and how under powered my class is and why it is useless to bother to play that class.
  • Rangers are probably going to play just like the rogue except they will be primary ranged and secondary melee. We won't see anything all that different than what we got. They need to put in a druid and fix the broken classes is what they should do.
  • The foundry was suppose to fill the gap but they have limited it to much for anyone the actually make a full adventure for people to play through since to many people want to exploit it even though they have to be approved before published.
  • Preach on brother but they don't care. They haven't done anything about the fact that two classes are useless take 1000X the money to level and just are sad to be playing when one of the other 3 classes come through and rock the zone your are trying to level in. Not needed useless and take to much maintenance to keep…
  • Given I actually play test D&D beta including the new one coming up Gnomes are still and always have been a standard race in both D&D and Pathfinder.
  • Same way you do hammer spend money on zen and never see them come up only the same tools you already have and don't need. Now I think I have shears if you have a hammer to match it.
    in Shears! Comment by cookjk May 2013
  • This game shouldn't even be called D&D at this point. To play a PnP version of this game would suck so bad it would be like trying to get a group together to playtest D&D Next as awful as that game is...Wait! I figured it out this game is based off the next D&D Next aka D&D 5.0...LOL! Worst PnP I ever played and…
  • LOL...Not much up on your Neverwinter lore for playable races...Only one that needs to be added is the Gnome. Teifling is ascended being they are just missing the rest from the game and only have one version of that. What they need to do is fix the ****ing broken game.
  • Because today's society is weak and lazy as ****. Words mean nothing and have nothing to do with anything because they are just words and most words spoken are just bull****. But we no longer live in a society of actions we live in a society of gray and that is the way the people like and the government wants it.
  • They can't do that until they fix the broken classes and balancing issues. People will not pay a sub for this <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>. Also, they would need to give foundry designers more control over their content.
  • And games can't run on $15/mo this has been a fact for awhile now so companies went to F2P model. Why did this do this? Because the gaming community refuses to think subscription prices should go up even though it has been the same for 13yrs. But we keep paying the same for games that has 10X less content. They have to…
    in Greedy... Comment by cookjk May 2013
  • There are many reasons why GF isn't a good class and not needed in high level dungeons. Main reason is AC doesn't work as it should in this game. The GF should be getting hit by every attack with their high AC, only way to not get hit is block and that drops your DPS and can't be used when you taunt. I don't know if the…
  • Just go to the World Wide Web and look at how many scripts are out there for you to use to bot if you want. All games have been like this for over the past year. Not that who he says was or was not botting but it sure isn't hard to get yourself a script to run to bot in this game as any other game with no mechanics to…
  • I am crafting blues for my level 50 just fine. Just spend less time leveling since you level so **** fast in this game. They need to turn it down make it more D&D leveling speeds. Hell you level to fast just from crafting.
  • Number on thing they need to fix before I even care about playing again is fixing the two broken useless classes.