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  • I want to thank all the foundry authors who put their time and passion into creating content for the player-base. From the preparatory ideas of Ravenloft (yes, it is in foundry), to the utterly weird (an alien space ship filled with body pods), to …
  • The Devs are listening to constructive feedback. @Asterdahl has interacted consistently and beyond the effort that his job would require, and from his interaction…
  • My testing from Preview; most is a repetition/summation of what is stated by various people in the thread.

    1. Philosophy of the Fighter in Vanguard Mode is contradictory. Active threat through damage versus 2xpassive shield/dig-in (v.1 …
  • I have reservations about the game, not because of mod 16, or even the massive overall, but for some of the stated reasons for it:

    1) developer turnover. One of the reasons given for making the simplified system is coding something that …
  • Add in a vendor in the SH where you can trade Guild Marks for Mount Insignias, something like 7.5k for any one green insignia of your choice, and 15k for any blue insignia of your choice.
  • Asterdahl,

    The current Vanguard choice feels like the original Iron Vanguard of mod 1 (post open beta). It had incredibly low damage output; it was slow, its aggro was suspect, and it was squishy at entry level end game. And in that rea…
  • Your question cannot be answered because mod 16 is still in preview with known bugs, as mentioned, regarding scaling, artifact and companion attack powers, etc. If the bug remains into live, it is going to be a big cluster. But there is a lot of f…
  • I just performed a test of no companion summoned vs augment companion vs striker (beast) companion to determine if there was any difference at all related to bonding procs, as some have reported already.

    My stats in the demonic HE in DR f…
  • The War Dog companion is not auto added to any category and is deposited in regular inventory. When trying to open the companion to add it, it does nothing. Inspecting companion shows null and some coding on 0% bolster.
  • I wanted to give feedback after another 2 days of preview testing, as well as levelling all the way up to 80.

    First, there seems to be a lot of missing synergy in stats in the builds. I think some are reporting that bonding stones are no…
  • There is a collision cube at 14546, 398, one level below Keresta. This collision cube is actually the end point for "Deliver Keresta's Shipment, that you must smash to release the souls. It can be smashed, but there is no interact F. You just sta…
  • Forgotten Ward Ring of the Prospector has no enchantment slot.
  • Here are a list of some of the companion's equip tooltip that are messed up:
    Portal Hound's Presence...equip +.
    Greenscale Hunter's Discipline...10% chance to restore % of max stamina
    Cold Iron Warrior's Discipline...+% damage to Fey …
  • There is some kind of weird synergy to where I am missing my encounter attacks, or they do the opposite and protect the target. For my 3 encounters on Dreadnaught, I have Anvil, Onslaught, and Commander Strike. If I rotate with CS first, the Onsla…
  • In the Willowood expedition, on the 2nd map (where there is a power in this room, and a large lake), it is possible to enter the lake and just keep going beyond the bounds of the map. The map even says this is a new area, until you eventually fall …
  • As a final post on this (sorry for the multi posts), can any developer explain what +feat points is whenever you level up? Is this some kind of scaling, where the STAT points of the build are adjusted? As I mentioned above, by my stats, there is n…
  • Here are my recommendations to improve Vanguard:

    1. Make Shield Talent, the class skill do the following--instead of just stamina regeneration, it should also expand the effectiveness of the shield in the amount of hit points. I do not…
  • Review of the New Fighter after another day of testing:

    I have figured out more the Dreadnaught play, for Solo PvE. I attempted the Expedition at the end of Twisted Caverns with the Vanguard build, and found my going very very slow, and …
  • The pants Soiled Trousers of the Lonely, that you get at the end of Twisted Caverns but right before Wyllowood (at the gate) have no enchant slot. The shirt has a slot, but the pants don't? TIL 770.
  • My Fighter received a dropped weapon called a Traveler's Mace, which I could use for a change appearance.
    Except, it is not a mace, its a sword.
  • After a person completes the kuo pictographs, the player will get 3 more quests for earth, wind, and water.
    If the player takes all 3 of these at the same time, and then decided to chase Flogg first, after the autoquesting (z path starts), th…
  • The quest "Cure the Sick Toa" has an interaction with an NPC. Much like the Chult area where you had to help the Templars, there are not enough of these Sick Toa around, and after you interact with them, they run away. The credit for the curing on…
  • For the quest living spores, the myconid area has these fungi that explode from underneath, much like the fungi in Sharandar Gnarlroot. However, there are two problems with the effects. First, they hit outside the AoE. Second, they ignore immunit…
  • On the twisted caverns map, at point 1425, 3254, there is the entrance to a cave (like a large hunt cave from Chult), but if you push through the cave, you end up above the whole map on the undeveloped portions.
  • (Quote) I tested it with one of my Black Ice Enchantments, Rank 14. I removed it from the gear, removed protection, and then checked the vendor. On none of the tabs (Keys, Eldritch, Tranquil, Insignia, Enchantment Trade In nor Enchantment Claim)…
  • Why is there no opportunity to exchange 3 statted enchants in PE? You have 1- and 2-stat enchants, but not 3-statted for other 3-statted?
  • In the Xanthil Guild hall of the catecombs, there is a room where a warden golem spawns. This golem is level 80. It took 5-6 level 71s to kill it, after getting one shot many many times.
  • So, I am ignoring the synergies in both Vanguard and Dreadnaught regarding Piercing Thrust, and I am testing ignoring Vengeance on Dreadnaught, and I am liking how both perform better.

    I actually like Shield Slam (formerly Frontline Surge…
  • (Quote) Yeah, I got it mixed up with Shield Bash (the name through me off). Thanks
  • The tooltip for STR does not show the damage increase %. I hope this is just a tooltip bug, and not a formulaic bug?