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  • Explain me 1 thing so all the boons we collected from grinding all the time spend to do campains or worse buy campain buyouts means nothing by my understanding if a new player at mod 16 will have boons till 80 same as veteran player whos already 80 totaly disbalanced ... seriuosly... so no matter what i can play any class…
  • Same main reason i taking a break of this game - NOTHING fixed just even worse
  • Sure, that's why I said that a healer can still be useful; the vast majority of DCs that still do some pvp are healers. As a healer your role is keeping others alive (if you can - read SoD and burst) and holding a node perhaps. As a righteous DC (I am one) you can be more independent: you can actually kill and also capture…
  • you wanna pvp as DC forget it this mode is DONE enjoy summer better ... very VERY disbalanced game cause right know SoD broken meta bug killed this game this is totally HAMSTER ... myself strongly no even try to PvP as DC right know trust you be in such disapoint - overall this game is dead ... good mechanics but dead game
  • This game is so so DEAD i actually done seriuosly 1 dungeon 1 Trial and 1 BROKEN AS HELL pvp good luck in this game 2 mods NOTHING CHANGED JUST WORSE how BAD YOU BROKE this game cause off TRs buffing a low geared TR can easily kill a high geared player this is pure insult the build worked in PvPs also all the time spend to…
  • Mod 13 made pvp totally dead PvP no matter how much deflect defence you have or how high your recovery/hp power does makes no difference cause off healing nerf TRs killed this game with broken SoD ... my main DC has 25 k deflect as base +shadoclad 20 k - if buffed 24 k defence + 200 k Health recovery around 15 k Power 15 k…
  • Waste of time not worth PvPing anymore fix damn SoD Trs god sakes
  • This game not worth PvP so disbalanced in classes i myself recomend not to PvP here in Solo Q or and regular PvP you could try PvP at mod 12 with Broken SoD but mod 13 Trs are disbalanced totally ... No wonder why alot veteran PvPers quit PvP totally disbalanced game Ovepowering 1 stupid class Trs ... I Never ever step put…
  • This is funny how not experienced people saying about PvP DC... Yes nerfed so bad and it 100% healing depression not 75% but there only few pvp DC and only 1 PvP DC which can heal ... and its Moira ... i can ignore SoD Trs ... Problem is they nerfed not all classes if ya looked carefull in feats there is SO OP healing just…
  • Developers left PvP die this is HAMSTER ... mobile deflective and most important all HAMSTER executioners ... balance your game make class all equal ... no PvP is this game ... Nerfed to DC and rest healing ability ... imposible to heal gg.. developers makes more hunts ... and campains ... people come play this dead game…
  • Developers balance this "PvP game of yours" right know is so HAMSTER bad ... 90% population GF and TRs... seriuosly put the freaking armor pen cap or something ... its so disbalance is stat rating ... good luck bringing new people to game rare chances if not balanacing simple stuff in PvP
  • This Game has NO PvP totally 90% pop of GF in PvP ... and barely can 1 in PvE ... there is not and never be balanced good PvP game here ... Dominion is not PvP its puggers palace ... force to make do PvP map just 1 map .. what about Gauntrim PvP or Siege ... I dont advice for new players test this game specially in PvP ...…
  • Developers you realise you realll **** PvP with those Guild hall panths ... Everyone know has it its insane ... Even with elven enchant can resist CC ... who made this game are totally ... seriuosly ... PvP dead mod 12.b dont even recomend
  • 30 k Power ... Dc nerfed to grow ....
  • Mod 12.b Balance PvP is balanced but what they did to DCs it pure mess i agree you play as support class and cant do anything no DPS no heals no survival...
  • for example then in Pvp Bastion of health heals 3 to 4 k healing and enpowered 7 - 8 k good luck to survive
  • 12 B for PvP is balanced yes ... but cost off destroying 1 class... no more DCs around + everytime TRs and Gfs every macth ... game PvP good but nerfing HEALING 100% ( 75% base nerf+ shadowtouch 25%) and enpowered AS making useless who cares about healing cause you cant heal .. gg developers
  • what have you done to this game for Dc class - you destroyed DC class 100% Astral shield is useless + healing nerf 75% but its 100% healing nerf in PvP cause almost everyone has shadowtouch boon in PvP ... PvP is balanced but you destroyed 1 class totally