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  • 1) veeeeeeery unlikely to happen ... since some enchantments have extremely low value + drop compared to others unbound exchange would therefore have devastating and long term impact on economy by making them equally priced extremely reducing prices (since market would be flooded by all those cheap unwanted enchantments…
  • isnt it clear ? 1st they introduced scaling but backed off after mass aversion among players now they came with pretty much same thing in new clothing with additional mess added to it why ? its simple 1) nerf strong players because they melt content too fast 2) punish players for getting better gear by kicking them back to…
  • 0% relevance to topic no one care where ad come from ... as topic title say we discuss backlog here why it exist how it works and why this wont stop .. just grow as more and more people abuse it for wards ... most people is actually f2p so they wont buy zen , leaving them only two options ... waiting month for own zen or…
  • nah its desirable only for tanks but "when you are struck with critical strike" kill that item for tanks ... tank withou crit avoid cap is useless tank anyway basically whole set of poorly designed gear useless for anyone (apart of people who autoequip item with highest ilvl they see) lets wait for next tier :D
  • additional sources of wards decreased their value so it wasnt profitable to cycle ad/zen/wards like now its main reason why huge backlog exist you just play with words here:) no one care where ad come from zen needed for coal ward cost 600K wards currently cost 799 900 720k counting in AH cut (avoidable) even with cut its…
  • its not because they decided to ... its because they tried and failed to make helmets work atleast "reasonably" and honestly its the only reason why anyone play anything except dragonborn ... its intentionally overpowered class with uglyness as only drawback
  • if everyone had something this topic wouldnt exist but all races have "barely noticeable bonuses" overshadowed by two p2w races that have same bonus and significantly stronger buff on top of that dont pull D+D into that :D its pure marketing 1) make race 2 make race thats alot better for everyone and put it in zen store if…
  • err nope backlog was mostly caused by removing wards from trade bar store today 90%+ wards comes from zen store that increases price of wards and create whole issue you generate ad if you exchange ad for zen ,buy wards and resell for ad people massively abusing this creating extreme demand for zen backlog when backlog…
  • and we have drastically lower spawn rate as well ;) didnt seen over 3k people in avernus since m19release 10 k people would be 500 instances 20 in each :D let me know when you see over 200 ... half empty( 2k) actually we wont ... they are mass selling lures for marks unless they make them bind to account ... they will be…
  • relax i dont meant too attack you in any way ;) just pointing out the grind is so awfull that everyone would be bored even with 5-10 min of that bs daily .... it can be done within hourr for 90% people ... but even then its 120 hours of hiting bhe
  • doubt i didnt get anything grayed during first week and just finished it all this monday msp = rewarded ... lostmauth turned gray .. so i tried to run it and nope still gray and no reward
  • 2-3 hours daily of most boring brainless grind/instance hoping in history of neverwinter ? hell yeah thats what i cal enjoyable gameplay for next 1/3 year ... sign me in better lets rather praise our new awesome campaign before someone notice dislike and wipe whole topic again ;)
  • no idea when exactly .... but yesterday doing one in each tier grayed and disabled other one
  • yeah well dont count with that ... seeing how they just " fixed bug" that allowed everyone get 6 weekly challenges instead 3 doing exactly opposite of this suggestion
  • well grinding existing monsters for maps or favors is just fake content you may see them telling us how great campaign we got but i fact people are just bored by tedious and mindless farm .. even if they give us repeatable quest for random dungeon it would be less awfull ...or if we still farmed maps instead hamstering bhe…
  • well calling it content is strong word :D but you forgot episode 5 stream where whiteside + juliakeep telling us us how we enjoying awesome bhe and more communication with people + bhe plzz 200k power
  • better ways to interact socially? well now its clear he meant screaming inv bhe pls on each other you have to joing HE in any way ... so lets say single hit to enemy to get reward ... but you need to stay in same instance in past it required more .... but fgor example healers often missed rewards because they " didnt hit…
  • funny because if you look a little over avernus you realize there is person in specific place in avernus at any time of day farming just 3 groups of enemies using at will only and he is in top 10 ;) (or atleast was yesterday) and surprisingly hes not even that bizarre yo be obvious .... if i didnt farmed at that spot at…
  • 1k / day may sound cute but its ridiculously boring and tedious grind every day for next 1/3 year with very small reward overall
  • and why the hell would someone make bot for bhe .... when favors drop from any kill on map the ones i seen camped 3-4 spawns 24h/day in one instance BHE runs are mostly for weaker people as they cant clear map fast enought to get anywhere close to bhe results .. but if you can farm nonstop .. who caresif its bit less time…
  • actually while the old ones with placeholder text could be opened all at once .. the newlyd roped one during citadel leads to error
  • well 50 per quest is insult .. considering basic monsters drop 1/3/5/10 you likely farm more by smashing anything in your way .. rather than traveling to citadel and back definitely ... people openly bot openly all time .. and never seen anyone complaining about bans detection /ingame gm presence seems very low if any ..…
  • orc : 1-2% dmg depending on class dragonborn 3% dmg aasimar 1% dmg 1% hp 1% damage reduction additional guaranteed 1% hp ( opposed to random chance of another aas in group guaranteed 1% hp for group in endgame 3% more hp ( 2% hp 1% dmg reduction ) actually matter 2% dmg isnt gamebreaking orc is easily beaten .. vs…
  • undead slayer isnt companion item in mod 16 they 1) started mass adding companion only items ( very strong compared to old ones) 2) removed different item slots 3) removed possibility to wear normal items on companions 4) follow mentioned rule every item have 2x offense 2x defense or 50/50 (or double amount of single stat)…
  • judging from published info ... yes but no one officiaslly specified how long full 28 days is just assumption made by people
  • strange ... this happened if you tried to open more than one per day in past ... today i opened a ll 3 withou error each for 600
  • as far i know they resolved that bug and they should no longer drop but if you have some simply double click them