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  • Actually, while I'm on this topic, the whole art/fiction forum is pretty stale. That's a crying shame, because what I do see is good. And I we have a thriving community of creative types working on Foundry. Perhaps PW could do more to encourage the …
  • *nods* Yup, yup - after I'd gotten started on it, I figured that might be the case. I'm sorry that I couldn't review it for ya, I know how hard it is to get people to play and rate new foundries. I'm glad you added the info - by letting people know …
  • I skipped over the first one, because I don't like 'review' and 'farm' foundries (I feel like the foundry authoring community already has a hard time getting people to play genuine quests, without someone making more ways for people to avoid playing…
  • @Librayanne: - Ahhh, yes! It was set in Mt. Bahamut, I remember read that! I see the link now. And besides, I'll take any excuse for dragons ^_~ in Looking For Reviews on my First Foundry Comment by akwete July 2014
  • Thank you, and nice work! I see what you mean about the similarities, hehe. I loved the gnoll tourists! And I'm glad we could find out that Theraniel and Gladys were alright afterwards =3 The only fault I could spot was a typo; your drider says 'scr…
  • Thank you! Oh man, I left an 'Alrica Fenta 1' in there? Haha, whoops! I thought I'd renamed them all back but I must have missed one, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Fixed that now, and a couple of other small bits. And thanks for the genero…
  • Some quotes from others who have the same concerns as me in this thread. Note, there are more if you care to look: (Quote) Thanks for listening to our concerns, Akro! We appreciate that! But this is not the solution to the greater issue we all hav…
  • Thanks for answering ^_^! Though it is solved now. Both the previous non-working NPC and the new on that does work were contacts in the Storyboard, but for some reason the former was ALWAYS visible, regardless of whether I had it set to 'objective i…
  • Me and my partner ran this event a total of 302 times between us.
    0 companions.
    0 curios.
    6 rank 5.
    2 very bored, frustrated and unhappy customers.

    I'd like to add my agreement to the suggestions reiterated…
  • There's some nice shading in here!
    in Stuff Comment by akwete June 2014