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  • I have the same problems with the achievement where you need to kill Bel, which I did hundred times in every difficulty mode. But also the Awakened Forger's Box achievement doesn't complete even though I finally managed a few days ago to make it to mythic.
  • Except no one is actually calling for these players to be ban, since they didn't do anything illegal in the game, just opened a glitched lockbox with rigged odds. We're just calling for fairness and do the only logical and considerate thing, removing those mounts from the game because they shouldn't be here on the first…
  • As expected, this follow-up is an immense joke. No game would ever let a bug that dropped several hundred BIS mounts, worth several hundred thousand of $$$, and easily exploitable in the short period of time by those that multi-account, without a rollback or at the very least making the mounts BoA. As expected you didn't…
  • Where's the problem, really? You don't see a problem when a rng-based lockbox gets rigged odds for everyone in a 5 minutes period of time before they shut down the server? You don't see a problem when, as you said perfectly, people open thousands of lockboxes during the year and don't get anything because of standard odds,…
  • At only 10M each and only 200 mounts you have the equivalent of 2 billion AD, or 2.67 million Zen or about 242k € (taking the 1100Z<>10€ transaction) worth of items suddenly injected into the game in a few minutes. There's no way ever this doesn't justify a rollback, especially since they managed to shutdown the server…
  • Just on the screen posted earlier you can see around 500 million AD worth of stuff, and the screen shows a short period of time. There's probably way more than 1-2 billion AD worth of 10k power mounts spreading as we speak because devs didn't think a rollback of 5 min of a glitched lockbox would be necessary. This is…
  • Because not doing anything over a gamebreaking bug that was reported on preview giving access to legendary mount to everyone when a rollback would have impacted a relatively small amount of people since they shutdown the server quickly would not damage their reputation? Also the reputation of letting major problems hit the…
  • What does the kind of lockbox has to do with this? The rollback would have just rolled back the 5 minutes following the M18 launch with the bugged lockbox. Also the new lockbox can always be bought on the bazaar not sure why you think it's the M17 lockbox has something to do with the problem.
  • No rollback when it's the easiest time to rollback, aka right 5 min after a maintenance? Why wouldn't you rollback and avoid dozens and dozens of legendary mounts obtained via a glitched lockbox to spread and destroy a bit more the economy? Don't you think PC's economy isn't bad enough as it is now? Seems not
  • Hi, after all this time I wasn't expecting anything, but maybe you can do something about this one: There's also the achievement "The Ascendant" that is still bugged for me, even after several threads like this one from two years ago Probably not but who knows...
  • There's also the achievement "The Ascendant" that is still bugged for me, even after several threads like this one from two years ago
  • The players that choose to remain hidden can't be found with the search, just so you know
  • Yes, yes, yes and yes. All of that. Since the preview of M16 you've been getting feedback about Barb. Asterdhal (iirc it was him) even admit that the Barb class was more difficult to change than the others because the one in charge left, and as a result we have a pathetic shadow of what the class was one day prior M16. The…
  • Aaand nothing for Barbarians, hilarious. That's at least another 4 months being last choice pick for TOMM, thanks a lot devs for not being able to see the blatant problem.
  • Thank you, you expressed perfectly what I wanted to say on my previous post, without having the needed vocabulary to talk about that. This issue is my main problem with their data
  • All that just show that TOMM parties will remain the same for another 3-4 months at least if not more, so I guess thanks for us Blademasters/Arbiters/DreadNaughts/Hellbringers for forgetting us for an entiere year. We've been bringing the fact that we're underperforming since the class rework, and we will continue to do so…
  • @nitocris83 Would you have an update on that? There are no answers about these titles, that are CLEARLY bugged. The support even has the guts to tell me that if the patch didn't grant me the titles, I was not eligible for them... Except I did run each dungeon on x5 and the logs of my character clearly indicate that. I can…
  • Game patched, NW launched, still nothing... @nitocris83 Why is it noted on the patch notes that the titles were supposed to be received, yet I have none of the 5 titles I should have.
  • @hannasiel What is this Flip Flop vanity pet you're talking about, would you have a picture of it? I've never seen it
  • I ran DV x5 during the night, no title. My character should have all the 5 titles for running all the dungeons x5 during the event, yet he has none. This is beyond disrespectful, it's just pure incompetence. The titles were the only thing new from this event, and the only reason I run it since I already grinded all the…
  • Or the fact that completing a x5 doesn't grant you any title, which was precisely the only I needed from that event.
  • We were going straight through all the mobs, almost never stopping, killing the 2 bosses in seconds, rushing through all of it. We had 26 min to do the remaining x4 and x5, we took even more risks on the x4 and finished it on 12 min, so we had 14:16 to do the last run. We abandoned because with half less power it wasn't…
  • Is it confirmed anywhere? We didn't have the option to run a 6th time, and if it's RNG I'll just pass entierely, not gonna lose another dozen hours per dungeon to try to get a title, I know my luck on this game with RNG
  • Sadly now the dragon runs don't have the same appeal reward-wise than before, even if the legacy campaigns boosted it a little, but I still like doing them once in a while. Dropping the purple stones was always the jackpot for me in the early mods of the dragon runs, it was really exciting. But the thing I like the most…
  • I look the TOMM instances everyday several times a day. More than 95% of the dps slots are taken by CW (most of them), HR and TR. Yep, dual-roles GF/SW/DC/GWF almost don't exist in TOMM with their dps path. I don't think Cryptic cares to watch this kind of stats though, or care enough to address the situation.
  • Well the silent on this issue is -once again- saying a lot. "- Hey there's a bug we can't spend our trinkets, we can't buy chests!" Several days later: "Here, have a fix and buy your chests." Yipee! "- Hey your chests are giving the wrong vanity pet!" *crickets*
  • Did you have any reinforcement kits on your gear?
  • I kept my trinkets just to buy the chests and get the Mini Idris. I bought the chests and got a Mini Hrimnir, that I already have since I specifically grinded the 2nd TOO just for that, instead of the Mini Idris that I wanted for this event. And now I lost all my trinkets. Can't you ever fix something correctly?
  • There's no option to buy chests (that drop mini Idris, companion tokens, woven tales enchants, ministrel fashion and blood rubies). The mimic sells the artifact and the 5 tales, but not the chest. On a side note, thanks for finally fixing the difficulty and making T4-5 doable again. And for increasing the T5 reward coins…
  • Thank you. I'm not able to watch the streams 'cause of calendar, so I was looking for an answer on te forum that I didn't see. But thanks for the VOD.