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  • If we didn't have potions, I don't think we would really need gold at all. (I know,I know, there are kits as well, but alltogether gold is rather useless.)
  • Ranger (with a bow(!), don't care to be a Drizzt clone.)
  • Would surely use the title! Great idea.
  • If I understand the question correctly, it should be the ranged ones first, with the wizard casting spells that slow down the enemies progress as they run toward you, and as they finally reach you, the tanks should be there to great. So, in short...the cleric if he has ranged, the the wizard to slow the monsters progress,…
  • I for one only press need for my class items, even if others press need all the time (yes I almost never get anything), but I think posting about it multiple times is just our way of showing how severe a problem is, and maybe it'll be moved higher up in cryptic priority fixes list. Right now I see only two things that are…
  • Yeah, I play a CW, but I guess your right, I'm not too serious about it, and haven't been playing too long.
  • It might be just you. I'm from Eu (Estonia) and I have almost no lag. Some, but very rarely and mostly because of my own internet connection as it does fluctuate some times (I checked). Not to be rude, but seeing as how I experience so little of this lag, there must be a problem with your own connection. And I agree, the…
  • I wasn't doing all too bad until level 30 as a wizard, but now, whenever I see a rouge I mostly can just let go of the keyboard. Those guys have a skill that creates some purple effect on my cw's head that basically turns all my skills of. Sure, I have a teleport, but if I'm not mistaken it doesn't work at that time as…
  • I agree. We don't necessarily need many, they do have to make money somehow, and selling visuals in the store is ok. But wearing the same look for the first 20 levels and then another for the next 20 is seriously overdoing it. I just hope that it is because of the beta.
  • Yup, though minor this does indeed somewhat ruin the immersion. I think it should not be to hard to remove the models tail completely in cases where it acts oddly.Or give it temporary transparency.When a thiefling is on a horse or simply sitting down, we don't really need to see the tail anyway.