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  • kingsnake69#2732
    hey there is nothing around auction house no tents nothing can you fix it
    May 1
  • wellington#4475
    please create a token to change class!
    April 8
    • warchild369#9998
  • warchild369#9998
    Just curious if you guys plan on fixing anything? Barely 700 people a day playing and if you want anymore of my money you need to start earning it! My 12 year old has written better adventures. I recommend you stop the cut, and paste <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>, or your game is done. Now get to work! Earn it for once!
    April 24
  • tactakon#4337
    The paladins shield depletes before the fighter tank stamina. I’m sure it’s intended for the fighters stamina to deplete first when blocking instead of the Paladin shield. Thank you.
    April 20
  • avadarius
    Bounty Master:
    -I understand that the drops of zone currency in the levelling zones was removed.
    -The Formorian Concoction from old sharandar was still dropping in Master of Hunter recently. Not sure if it still is, I have 1681+ formorian concoction is there any plans to have a vendor or trade-in where these items can be used.
    -Onyx Fragment still drop in Dreadring which allow players to buy vanguard scripts used for campaign or lairs key purchases.
    -However IWD's Kessell's Sigial has been complete removed even though "Konig Coin" from the bounty masters store are necessary for the campaign progression.
    -The zone currency drops gave players a reason to return to zones where they might already have 100% completion be it for gear to add to library or a bag of random RP items and heal kits. Not all players run VIP so they taken damage from traps or death and need heal kits, altars, and potions. The Bounty Master was a valuable resource to utilized and an important NPC in the game.
    April 20
  • nerone#4773
    Hi, a little while ago I made a post on soulweaver but I saw that it was deleted without saying anything, can I at least understand why?
    April 18
    • nerone#4773
      I had followed the advice they gave me in a ticket, telling me to post what I thought about it on a forum, but the only thing I received was the cancellation of the post
    • nerone#4773
      Never mind, I solved it with a moderator on discord. Sorry and thanks for what you do ^^
  • jdtorres1629#8206
    Created a new caracter a few days ago. Having the same issue in Biggrin’s Tomb, well of dragons and elemental evil campaign. Unable to claim rewards from chests and progress.
    April 12
  • umlat#7008
    Despite what was said on the stream with you and the new EP, Sharandar Masterwork quests and recipes became available on PC on Saturday. Was this intentional or...?
    April 11
  • grandforest#4819
    There are a couple of questions. When will there be a fix for the upgrade (so that instead of three catalysts, one burns out during unsuccessful processing) ?? The Trials of the Gods is currently underway - why are there no corresponding items from M22 in the rewards?? At the expense of the upgrade - without catalysts, in case of unsuccessful processing, one of the components burns out. Accordingly, when protecting all three components in case of unsuccessful processing, ONLY ONE CATALYST should burn out !!! When can we expect corrections in this direction ??? Answer my questions please without ignoring!!
    March 26
    • anderson#6832
      bro here you come in with questions and leave with more questions without getting any answers.
  • anderson#6832
    why aren't cult weapons changing stats when they are upgraded to exalted?
    March 29