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nitocris83 Community Manager

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  • freeman845#9657
    Hello NITOCRIS83, I have done more than 100 Hardcore Vault of Stars and still miss the 3rd reagent. I fell disappointing with this random reward mechanic because I use to host and I invest a lot of time to try to get at least 1 ring and still don´t have it. Did you expect to review drop mechanic to make it a little bit more fair for those who are unlucky like me and have run a lot of time this donjon. I share with you some ideas: improve RNG, people can pass if they already have reagent, leader can decide who can get reagent, after a certain number of completion give a 100% drop rate, unbind the reagent to can buy it or trade it. Thanks.
    November 22
  • irene#2829

    October 13
  • najrugger#2759
    On Harvester of Nightmares event, I am no longer given the potential for a daily quest. I cannot complete it, nor accept one as it doesn't exist on the NPC quest giver. Only the Inception quest. Also, I am not earning any Token of Achievements, which is extremely concerning at this point - as the event is only a few days away from ending and I have done it every day to get the mount. Any assistance/insight would be greatly appreciated.
    October 10
  • polysatyr81
    I never noticed there was a wall to post too. Is there any update on Mastercraft Professions? We've gone months since you pulled it from Preview with no update on what's happening and we're in the middle of discounted Guild marks and wondering if the Sharandar Scrolls are worth buying or is Cryptic going to scrap them like they did the Undermountain ones?
    October 8
  • paul#6079
    I earned the first emotes/milestone in Echoes with my main character. I then purchased the battle pass with an alternate character. Completed to milestone two (coal ward) with main and it shows the survey emote as locked. Basically, 3/4 show show unlocked, just because I got battle pass with an alt.
    October 5
  • rabidwolfe#2553
    I just noticed that you left a comment on my Bug report for the Cathedral of Madness. To answer your question as to whether or not I notified support - the answer is YES. Ticket number 586274 submitted on 08/29/2021 and they told me to post a bug report and that the developers would help me. Well so far I've completed the quest 8 times and it never registers as complete. So I abandon the quest and start all over again from scratch. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that didn't work. I've tried changing the instance and that didn't work. As of this reply it has not been remedied and no one has reached out to me to resolve this issue except to tell me that Support is unable to help and that this is an issue for the developers to resolve. I'm sure if you look up the ticket all will be revealed. I hope that you will finally do something to assist me with this issue.
    October 3
  • mwk
    Please read the concerns about the Directx and OS changes from the community. Many agreements with the community on why this is a bad idea to impact the playerbase greatly. I give many reasons on why. Also I might seem stern, but it's an argument. I'm not insulting anyone. Just stating it's a foolish decision. Meaning (of a person or action) lacking good sense or judgment; unwise decision. Appreciate it. Long discussion short. It's Covid restrictions reasons. Lots of people are not making much money to upgrade. Some do actually pay to the game, but not as much as they used to. It all depends. I spent $10-20 on cosmetic items for myself, because I had extra money that I found as change-so call that Tymora :)
    September 30