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New class? (Just ideas)

marsharupankumarsharupanku Posts: 5Member Arc User
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New class? (Just ideas)
Ideas: not finished yet.
Give me feedback on what you hated, and what you didn't hate. ^_^
Also... I know I need to proofread this after I have all the important stuff down.
Feel free to give ideas for the missing data on this class, try to be as detailed as possible. Thankyou :)

Class NAME:Spiritfire Warrior

Sat modifiers= Charisma primary stat which increases Dmg, companion stat bonus, and control bonus
Strength secondary stat which increases Dmg, DoT resist, and Stamina regen
Willpower secondary stat which increases control bonus, control resist, recharge speed, action point gain, and crit chance

CLASS WEAPON AND SPECIAL EQUIPMENT=Class does not have gauntlets as a regular equip now they have one gauntlet for primary weapon and one for secondary weapon, only one gauntlet is required to be worn to get benefits of a set bonus but the other gauntlet gives an even more enhanced set bonus if equipped, gauntlets are significantly larger than other classes gauntlets( Big hands and forearms, smaller upper arms) can equip two additional "Essences"which are class specific and affect the color of the focus in the gauntlet and specific gauntlet dmg type, specific type summon dmg boost, and stat bonuses( e.g. Fire summons do more dmg with fire essences, fire powers do more dmg with a fire essence, radiant and fire powers get the fire dmg boosted with a fire essence, a radiant and fire essence will boost a fire or a radiant power, a radiant and fire essence will boost the radiant and fire dmg of a radiant and fire dmg power, types of essences are: Fire, Necrotic, Radiant, Lightning, Fire and Lightning, Fire and Radiant, Necrotic and Lightning, Necrotic and Fire, Necrotic and Radiant)

PARAGON PATH=(ETS)Embrace the Spirit or (ETEF)Embrace the Eternal Flame
H A feat=a Heroic feat.
S A feat=a Summoner paragon feat.
E A feat=an Evoker paragon feat.
SW A feat=a Smitey Warrior paragon feat.( Smitey Warrior is obviously a pun, and a working name for the class mechanic and paragon tree. Bear with me O_o)

12 class features(4
6 Path features(
5 at-wills(5
2 Path at-wills(2
14 encounters(6
2 Path encounters(2
6 dailies(6
2 Path dailies(2
48 Feats(37
3 Mastery feats(2
12 Heroic feats(12
30 Paragon feats(
6 Path feats(6
11 Summoner feats(10
11 Smitey Warrior feats(10[these are only active when you activate Smitey Warrior]
11 Evoker feats(3

Minor Mechanic= Spirit of the Eternal Flame where the player accumulates Spirits of the Eternal Flame from Killing enemies
And other means
Spirits of the Eternal Flame do no dissipate unless used
Spirits of the Eternal Flame decrease casting time of all powers by 1% per spark
Spirits of the Eternal Flame increase action point gain by .33% by Spirit
Spirits of the Eternal Flame do dmg to all enemies in a moderate radius around caster for dmg equal to .0025% of player's power rating per Spirit per second
A max of 20 Spirits of Eternal Flame can be possesed
Player can give Spirits to encounter and daily powers to increase dmg, duration, and effectiveness by 1% per Spirit.
In addition player can also give Spirits to decrease recharge time of an encounter or daily power by 3.33 per Spirit
Player can double tap the hotkey for the encounter or daily power they wish to give the benefit of Spirit of the Eternal Flame to

Class Mechanic=Pressing tab(default hotkey) activates Smitey Warrior which toggles into melee mode
In which you gain decreased attack range to 10'
Increased threat by 200%
All encounter and at-will powers have have attack range decreased to 10'
Willpower is increased by 10% of action point percentage
1 Spirit is expended every 1.5 seconds
All powers do small Aoe radius dmg( cc effects are not AoE unless otherwise stated)
Hp decreased by 25%
Double attack and casting speed
Double run speed
Action point gain is reduced by 70%
Cannot use shift"default hotkey"
Spirit Embrace now bursts to target immobilizing for caster and target for 4 seconds, increasing your dmg by 10% and their dmg by 20%, no longer a DoT effect does total dmg on hitting the target, when Smitey Warrior is activated

H A feat= increase crit rate by 3%

H A feat= increase ap gain by 20%

H A feat= increase dmg of Spirit passive dmg by .0025 per Spirit

H A feat= increases hp by 9%

H A feat=Recovery is increased by 20% of Power and Regen

H A feat=Ethereal Step does 100% more dmg decreases Spirit cost by 1 and stamina cost by 20%

H A feat=gain 20% max hp for 20% less encounter dmg( does not affect minions or non- dmging powers)

H A feat= when using AoE powers, increase crit severity by 30%

H A feat=The Eternal Gift, when at 20% hp increase dmg resistance by 50%

PathETS S A Feat=If Soul Possession kills an enemy, enemy will fight for caster for 1 sec per Spirit( converted unit's stats are reduced by 36%)

H A feat=Increases max hp from Charisma by .34% per point of Charisma( max lvl of skill three, increases by .33% at rank two and three)

SW A feat=Increases dmg when in Smitey Warrior by .1% per point of strength( max lvl of skill five, increases to a max of .5%)

S A feat=when one wisp dies they all do, Increases wisp detonation dmg by 50%

E A feat= Increases fire and radiant dmg by 15%

S A feat=Increases Lightning and Necrotic dmg by 5% and Increases regen stat by 20%

PathETS E feat=Crits you, or anyone within 50' make, heal you 1% has a .5 sec cooldown

SW A feat=When in combat Spirits heal you .1% of max hp in temp hp every 15 secs per Spirit

S A feat Legion= Increases caster's dmg by 1% per minion summoned, and increases minion dmg by 5% per minion summoned.

S A feat The Price of Blood=As master's hp decreases minion power and crit increase( to a max of 100% power and crit at 25% of max hp)

An At-will= does high dmg
reduces dmg recieved by 10%
In short intervals
In a very small radius around the caster
The purpose of the power is to accumulate action points faster than normal
There should be a cool down if interrupted
You can be interrupted if stunned, knocked back, or take a high amount of dmg.

H A Feat=that gives nearby players 5-25% of the At-will power's effects.

Protection From Evil At-will=Minions no longer turn on you after an allotted time, requires 4 Spirits of the Eternal Flame to cast, double tap hotkey to increase power one level now cost 10 Spirits, triple tap hotkey to reach max power level now costs 20 Spirits, decreases minion dmg by 10%, each rank increases duration and decreases cast time by 10%(duration is 5mins at max rank, casting time is 40 secs, cooldown is 3 mins)

Spirit Embrace an At-will=that gives target 10% increased power and gives you max hp equal to 4x of 10% target's power rating, life steal rating is increased by 10%, does moderate DoT( Cooldown is 5 secs, duration is 10 secs)

An Encounter power=Astral Punch, thrusts his fist foward projecting an astral image of it to stun target enemy, does high dmg

SW A feat=Viscious Claws, when in Smitey Warrior your astral projection gains pointed claws increasing your armor pen 500 and crit 500

SW A feat=Big Hands, increase def 500 and power 500

SW A feat=Solid Fire, increases deflect 1,000

SW A feat=Helm of Shar, prevents an attack that does over 50% hp, cooldown is 10 seconds

SW A feat=Hero's Stubborness, when no allies are within 20' gain 250 to all stats

SW A feat=Astral Punch now is significantly larger, now has 3 stacks, Astral Punch now briefly stuns and knocks back multiple enemies in front of caster in a cone shape, if used on the same target twice it will no longer apply any cc to them for 30 secs, if used three times within 30 secs the third hit will do enhanced dmg( cooldown per stack is 18 seconds)

SW A feat=Mockingbird's Heart, Increase stamina regen by 20%

SW A feat=Willful Thoughts, Increases Willpower by 1% of Power

SW A Mastery feat=Astral Wings, gives abiltiy to use shift"default hotkey" and use your wings to jump over the enemy getting behind the target when no directional key is pressed uses 40% stamina and to burst forwards dealing moderate dmg the all enemies ahead if press while moving forwards and small knockback if pressed while moving backwards where it jumps the Smitey Warrior backwards with his wings dealing small dmg( all of these abilities cost 40% stamina and... ), this also dodges attacks, Heavenly Intervention now casts in 2 seconds, does 30% more dmg, The Spiritfire Warrior now Ascends to grab the star in his hands and slam it down on his foes, Wings of Clestial Metal duration is doubled.

Spirit Whisperer an encounter=that summons Will-o-the-wisps
One per 6 Spirits( Each rank increase of the skill decreases Spirit cost by one and minion dmg by 10%)
Is a level 3 minion
Does Radiant dmg
Explodes when killed with small knockback

Ritual Grounds= encounter that increases Power and Armor Penetration by 10% of hp sacrificed, large radius, sacrifices 25% of max hp, caster cannot use encounter powers for the duration of this ability( duration is 30 seconds, cooldown is 15 seconds)

An encounter called Spirit Ignition=that knockbacks the enemies slightly when first cast
Does small dmg
Necrotic and fire dmg
It is a duration power with which you take 20% more dmg to gain a moderate amount of action points
10-25% decreased recharge on all powers
And 1 Spirit of the Eternal Flame per enemy knocked back.(players are stunned for .33 seconds)
The power duration is 5 seconds
H A Feat=Decreases duration to 3 seconds.

PathETEF An encounter called I Am Master= Draws all summons in to caster to consume them in order to increase caster's stats by 100% of minions' stats, gain max hp equal to 10% of max hp of summoned minion(s), threat generation from caster to minions is increased 4000%( takes 20 seconds to cast if caster survives until power is complete caster will gain said bonuses and hp healed to 100%, duration is 3mins, cooldown is 3 mins)

PathETEF S A feat=The One True, I Am Master has it's cooldown reduced to 2 mins

S A feat=Employ Demon summons instantly, cooldown is reduced, Demon summons with 50% hp, heals 50% hp over 60 secs

PathETEF AN At-will=Embodiment of Fire, summons tiny Phoenixes with low hp and high attack to attack target( duration is 3 seconds, interval between attacks is 1 second, each attack sends 3 Phoenixes to attack the target, the last attack summons a Phoenix with high hp and low attack, cooldown is 14 seconds, the last cast is counted as a summon and is a lvl 2 demon)

PathETEF SW A feat=Phoenixes no longer summon but decrease Spirit consumption by 25% every third hit( totaling to Smitey warrior lasting 5 seconds more if the only power used was Embodiment of Fire, a total of 35 seconds)

PathETS SW A feat=Starved, The Hunger does 30% more dmg with 70% less life steal severity

PathETS An At-will=The Hunger, attacks with increased life steal severity by 100%, increased life steal chance by 30%, does low to moderate dmg, the last hit does significantly more than the previous hits, attacks 2.5 times a second, has five variations of attacks

PathETS A feat=Ghastly Purpose, Wraiths from Call of the Banshee fade 50% quicker dealing 100% increased dmg and attack speed, but with duration and hp cut in half

PathETS An encounter power=Call of the Banshee, calls wraiths to surround and immobilize target, dealing dmg and healing you for that amount, when wraiths die or power duration is expended wraiths slow target by 30%( duration is 4 seconds on slow and immobilize, cooldown is 14 seconds, does not count as a summon, companion stat bonus and dmg bonus affect this power )

(lvl 40)Employ Demon=Daily power that summon an incredibly powerful Demon, casting time is 20 seconds, while casting gain 200% max hp in temp hp and cc immunity.(coolddown is 3 mins, if another minion is summoned demon will consume minion to regain 20% of hp and 10% additional max hp until the end of the battle, if Employ Demon is cast twice Demon another Demon will spawn and will break buff Protection from Evil and threat against caster is increased by 1000%, if caster dies the Demons do not dissipate Demons will not attack each other but will attack all living things in sight, player cannot cast Protection from Evil until Demons are slayed nor can player cast any other summoning spells)
When cast, the area that the demon spawns erupts with flames dealing extreme dmg in a moderate radius

PathETS Spirit Possession=Daily power that when you have it slotted and you press your utility power it activates Spirit Plane Transmission which uses action points, less if you have Spirits of the Eternal Flame, to transmit the player's soul forwards and leave the body behind and if the player's body is attacked the body is warped to the player's location and leaves a debuffing explosion with a moderate radius for moderate dmg, and the more distance the affected enemy(ies) moves the more dmg it will take for 4 seconds. If Soul Possession is used as a daily it will take 10% of the enemies' hp in a small radius and give it to the caster, this power last for 3 seconds, during this duration the affected targets are stunned and the caster takes 80% reduced dmg, if power is double tapped it will expend all Spirits of the Eternal flame to do high dmg to a target a enemy, does Radiant and Necrotic Dmg.

Daily power= Holy Bloodlust Increases Radiant and Necrotic dmg, Increases life steal chance by 10%, Increases max hp by 40%( duration is 30 secs)

Daily power=Wings of Celestial Metal, adds power to def, and def to power, adds crit to armor pen, adds 10% of max hp to Regen( duration is 15 seconds, affect all friendlies around the caster in 10')

PathETEF Daily power Call on XfrAeL=Must have two other Demons summoned, XfrAeL drags two demons into the pit to gather power and claws his way at the barriers of the portal to make his arrival possible, XfrAeL's hp is at 10% when two lvl 1 demons are sacrificed and at 50% when two lvl 2 demons are sacrificed and at 100% when two lvl 3 demons are sacrificed and at 100% when one lvl 4 demon is sacrificed( duration is unlimited, does dmg to all players, does 100% of his dmg to his master, and 5% to other players, cc effects on XfrAeL do not apply but instead increase his attack speed by 10% per cc applied(caps at 100%), XfrAeL has Massive threat generation, all player threat toward XfrAeL increase as they get closer to him to a maximum of 2000% threat at 5', cast time is instant, XfrAeL arrival time 5-25 seconds, if called and player dies but the required sacrfices remain he will still come)

PathETEF E A feat=The Price of Power, when using Call on XfrAeL caster's max hp is decreased by 50% and is healed, XfrAeL no longer recieves player threat and does not attck his summoner.( when Call on XfrAeL dies caster does not get hp returned to normal until 20 seconds)

Daily power=Heavenly Intervention, causes a tiny star to fall to Faerun dealing high dmg,incredibly High radius, Brief prone,does Radant and fire dmg
4-9 second cast time with increased dmg resistance( haven't decided how long casting should be)
E A Feat= that decreased the casting time of that Daily power by 1 or 2 seconds
S A feat=When crit the caster takes 50% dmg from attacks-for 15 secs, the other 50% that would had been inflicted on the caster is distributed to his summoned minions, minions gain 300% increased threat, the target that crit the caster has 500% increased threat for 15 seconds( can only be activated every 60 seconds)

S A Feat=Protection from Evil now reduces dmg caster and those around him takes by 2%at first level, 5% at second level, and 10% at third level(duration 60 secs)Increases Protection from Evil duration to 10 minutes.

S A Feat=Ritual Grounds now increases recovery by 20%

S A Mastery Feat= can hold 30 Spirits of the Eternal Flame, every attack that takes more than 10% you gain 3 Spirits, Revoke Contract ( a sub-skill of the Mastery feat) when a summon dies you gain 4 Spirits per level of Summon and 2% of max hp per level of summon, Increases companion stat bonus for Charisma by double, can now break contract and banish minion by tapping the minion summon hotkey after it is already active, summons now regen hp when out of combat, Increases summoning level of "Employ Demon" by one and now it costs 30 Spirits with cc immunity changed appearance and increased stats and new skills, Protection from Evil now has an additional level and now costs 30 Spirits to cast at that lvl,Protection from Evil now costs 8 Spirits to cast at lvl one, and 15 at lvl2 and 30 at lvl3( is as powerful as lvl4 demon), wisps now do Necrotic and lightning dmg.

I need more ideas for class features! Help me out, please!!:confused:

Class Feature=Gain a Spirit of the Eternal Flame every 30 seconds, and 3 extra per kill
Class Feature named Focus=Causes all AoE powers to do 50% of dmg that would affect other enemies to affect the selected target
Class Feature= You gain 1% of max hp per Spirit used (cooldown is 20 seconds)
Class Feature= you gain 1% of max action points per Spirit expended.
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  • cococyacococya Posts: 153Member Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Throwing ideas around is nice and all, but all the classes that will be brought to the game will be from the existing ones from the pen&paper variant of Dungeons&Dragons this game is based on.

  • marsharupankumarsharupanku Posts: 5Member Arc User
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    zzz :( Oh well....
  • suddenlyslowsuddenlyslow Posts: 818Member Arc User
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    Popeye fan? I want a Wile E. Coyote class "You score a critical hit with your Acme Dynamite".
  • mystagoguemystagogue Posts: 322Member Arc User
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    Bard, Druid & Monk

    After that, everything else is fine and dandy.
  • marsharupankumarsharupanku Posts: 5Member Arc User
    edited March 2015
    It could be under a Monk class or archetype. ^^
  • fatgunsfatguns Posts: 410Member Arc User
    I want something that cant tank..had eneugh of these paladins.
  • marsharupankumarsharupanku Posts: 5Member Arc User
    fatguns said:

    I want something that cant tank..had eneugh of these paladins.

    Lol. For you to play as, or for you to fight against?
  • fatgunsfatguns Posts: 410Member Arc User

    fatguns said:

    I want something that cant tank..had eneugh of these paladins.

    Lol. For you to play as, or for you to fight against?
    Both x3
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