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nw pros&cons-state of the game

lemonchilllemonchill Member Posts: 523 Arc User
edited December 2014 in PvE Discussion
hi all
making this kinda poll so maybe devs will read this and will actually design new content based on what we n players actually liked so far

my pros so far :

-leveling from 1-60 i absolutely love this stage interesting area story line well made content.

-gg pvp and dungeons still a very popular area by many players and guilds even ever 1 year of its release.

-dungeons i personally love dungeons i admit my favorites are cn, pk,idris basically the "old" dungeons pre shrandar content.
those dungeons where relatively long and fun
new dungeons in my opinion to short they give more of a skirmish feeling.

- pvp until m2 came out then it all gone bad


- boons. sorry this was the start of making all classes op. that also includes artifacts glyphs etc.

- new dungeons too short and give a vibe of doing a skirmish then doing a dungeon.

- not enough new dungeons and not enough challenging content for strong well geared exp players.

- new pvp maps: ice wind dale pvp was well done but we do need new 5V5 pvp maps.

would love to read more from players about your opinions what is good and what is bad about this game.
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    godofallodsgodofallods Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    I'll continue..

    - Artifact gear that require 4,000,000-6,000,000 million AD to upgrade to legendary
    - Dungeons made useless in mod 5
    - Classes are not balanced (NW makes most of it's money from dedicated pvp players)
    - No decent method to farm RP
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