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Sketches + eventual comics

metonymymetonymy Member Posts: 17 Arc User
edited June 2014 in Art and Fiction
Hello y'all! o/

I'm Metonymy, tho I usually go by Harp online. Whenever I play a game I inevitably end up drawing something from it, be it DS stuff like 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, Pokemon X, PC gaming like Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, or when I'm dabbling in MMOs like The Secret World, FF14's latest incarnation, and SWTOR, and sometimes I even find the time to doodle original characters too! I'm not all that good but I try to make do.

I'm hoping to soon start up a little comic - I really was engaged by a certain storyline in a foundry quest and I'm hoping to hear back from the author for permission uvu

Until then here's the eventual star, Nashirah the Cleric c: The comic's going to feature a bit of her backstory, so here's her at different ages (and a doodle of her number one childhood friend, her doll Miss Buttons).

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  • chaoscourtesanchaoscourtesan Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    I prefer darkish graphics with more realism, but your work is really nice. I did this kind of thing once upon a time, I loved pen and ink and water color. (And occasionally charcoal.)
    Keep up your art and make yourself happy. And share it with us, so we can be happy with ya. =)
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  • alissdeealissdee Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    cool! wacom tablet ftw! Great work.
  • dandare#8529 dandare Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 334 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    Lemme welcome U on the art section :D!!!

    It might not be a very lively atm which means my happiness of seeing new artist here it ten-fold stronger XD!

    I like your initial designs. Button nose and puffed lips kind of reminded me of... Alita (from Battle Angel series). No doubt no connection but still fun how my insane logic lead me there :D. Once the summer holiday starts expect me go hyper-active and come by more often or asking for collabs regarding Neverwinter Fanarts.. yet for now: EXAMS >_<

    Sincerely Yours ~ Angry Neko Elf
    "You stand as inspiration. You are practically the Avatar of Buttkicking." -Quote towards Minsc
    "I choose You Jymaru!" ~for there are times when more than words need to do the talk
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