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Some Of My Favorite 'Hiding' Areas

yopukoyopuko Member Posts: 77 Arc User
edited March 2014 in Art and Fiction

*****Please note I'm making YouTube How-To's if anyone wants to know how to reach these areas. There are way more these are just some I gathered randomly from my Screenshot folder! And... yeah ^___^ Couldn't post them all directly :/
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  • chalupaoffurychalupaoffury Member Posts: 2,617 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    That's pretty darn impressive.
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  • jeramsayjeramsay Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    That is pretty awesome! :) Reminds of my old DAoC Days, getting to places that were high up or hard to get to.
  • illudesilludes Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    Woahhh that's sick. I'd love to chill up in some of those places. xD One of my favorites is a somewhat highspot, on a perch; in the Dread Ring. Though it comes no where near to the height of your places.
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