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bots, bots and again bots. And some information.

peilis2peilis2 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 8 Arc User
edited July 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
Like every mmo, there will be someone creating them.. And so on..

Common, is this so hard to fix? The main problems?

P.S. the link <<Link removed. Do not post links accusing other players of any negative activity on the forums>>

Would have been put on youtube, but my pc aren't so good so :/ Didn't though there will be no huds in the demo and the name i forgot of the botter -_-.

So what this bot actually does: He follows me, attack that is near me.

Not to post again some things i noticed and not only me. Probably all community.

GF -Tank is not a tank if he can't take couple hits without shield.
It supposed to be a tank, but. The feat tree is dps. Powers we have is dps. And the gear we get is Only for tanks. How we supposed to tank with 1 agro skill that agroes 5-6 monsters and like none survivability. And pvp without dps gear (if we want to be dps).
Every class has got usefull tab skill. And gf have? Worst ever. What we supposed to do with it in pvp? Or even in a dungeon... Some kind of buff that increases our defense or increases regeneration for a short period. Wouldnt that be better for a tank? cw's tab gives bonus encounter. so.. we got nerfed then the game got out.
Also the dps we do is pretty insane, but looking what other classes can do its very low..
There is some kind of a bug. When we use bull charge, or frontline surge, or the daily, sometimes happen that it doesnt knock the enemy. (happens on all classes) i understand then enemy uses immune or other survivability powers, and that writes then "immune, dodge ,etc." But it just does the damage, and has no effect at all.

CW - Huge dps, and just ridoncilous control powers. It is just bad.. Make them Only control with less dps, or a dps without so mutch control powers. A good cw, can prone you for like 6-7 seconds. 4-5 seconds later, again.
2 cws is all you need to complete a dungeon. It is just, ach science..
TR - perma stealth. How can ya fight if ya cant see it? Make something with what we could sense them "flare" or something.
No one should be able to 1 shot anyone. especially with 10-15k over dmg.. Not talking that it is just 1 skill, not even a combo.

GWF - determination is actually op. And if build tankish it is nearly impossible to kill it 1v1. How can it be usefull in a dungeon if it has no role. Can't tank cuz makes low threat and has no agro. Does no dps. Has nothing nice to offer (controls, buffs, debuffs). Anyone can replace it without a problem.

DC - pretty mutch okay.

Gear // End game // other

You importing more content, but why? No one will do t1, because t2 will get so cheap...
It is pretty mutch the time if you want to import more content. Make the maximum lvl 65 ~ (make it "VERY" hard to lvl it up) to take our time, and import new Gear (t3) that is suitable for our class not just some trash. And make it "bound" on pick up. Right now it sounds impossible to do, cuz there is no balance at all, and with new gear 65s, couple more skills.. Even harder to balance, but it would be worth, cuz the endgame would be implemented.
That would make some end game... Also money for ya.

Glory points. will you make something usefull we could get for it? 25k cap is not enough.
WE NEED ARENA ! Make an area, there we could challenge our opponents for 1v1 (a duel).
Also there would be nice if some kind of rating (1v1, 2v2 etc.) would be made. MORE end game. More fun.
More pvp zones. 20 v 20 only while gg event is on? Sorry, but that is just stupid...
Also gauntlgrym Phase 1, Phase 2 for taking n1, you get no reward. So all just afk or comes on the end of it to get scroll. Soon enough no 1 will be doing it, cuz the gear isnt that great, and the t2 is getting soon enough just for coppers.

There aren't mutch ppl who are able to do CN. And its pretty good. But the ancients is getting for coppers again. So hard dungeon items will be wortless. Cool. The dungeon will be forgoten.. As others will be to.

Also i did notice in the coming updates (companion rank lvl up) that if stone will be ubgraded to 30, it has no bonus skill. (it will be not worth to ubgrade it).


Link for my last post http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?372202-My-opinion-of-Neverwinter-condition
30 + days, and pretty mutch not allot changed.
Next time for doing some new stuff, check out if the real problem is actually fixed or atleast for 90 % ~ . By making new stuff, you also make it harder to fit and to be balanced while the big problems arent fixed.

Okay i did see i wrote so so so mutch of things, even some trash, cuz thats really alot and i can't focus on all of those at a time. I dont expect that mutch of ya will read this, especially "Devs", but i appreciate who did.
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  • cloud990plcloud990pl Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    GF and GWF are CW worst enemy (if you're getting controled as GF each time then you're doing something wrong) since they both can become immune to control effects, especially GF who can just rise his shield and laugh at my face while bashing me to the ground (I'm CW). But yea, if you'll get into CW control power then you're most likely done.
    TRs are suppose to be stealthy and deadly but I agree that sometimes amount of dmg in PvP is ridiculous (then again it's their role to deal damage). When encountering TR its best to pummel/control him until he can't bleed anymore.
    GWF is a strange class, annoying in PvP but useless in PvE (any other class is more resourceful in dungeons than GWF).
    Agreed on Arena, we could use 1vs1 duels or even guild wars with rankings, etc.
    I don't think 20v20 domination is good idea whatsoever, today I did my first GG and was surprised that almost nobody fought with anybody (only few unlucky guys were killed when they got separated from bigger group); just riding around getting points (after all that was objective).
  • cyberdoxcyberdox Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    first off, have you seen a good CW control? in any dungeon 2 off them can keep all non-immune adds permanently stunned (dont nerf it, its only going to lead to dungeons being run with 3 CW)... and a GF thats gone tanky can tank alot, and if they went DPS, they can do decent damage while still tanking (more reliant on the DC being good though).

    the CN rings are becoming cheep cos you only need to kill the first boss, neckless after that, belt on the 3rd boss, the wep/off-hand is the final boss which is very hard to kill.

    and for thr 20V20, make it more king of the hill where there is only one point instead of 3 or 5... though my fav idea so far is to make a large area with adds all around it, and 3 or 4 bosses... but then make the whole thing PVP so not only are you killing adds, but also have to kill players and protect your team mates.
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